Rider Blog: Richard Cooper - ‘‘I never get bored of riding bikes…"

BSB racer Richard Cooper at the Bennetts Trackday 2017 Mallory Park

Bennetts Suzuki Superstock 1000 Championship rider, Richard Cooper, told us how much fun he’d had at the Bennetts Customer track day at Mallory Park and how he’ll never get bored of riding bikes…

“What a brilliant day! I love any excuse to ride so was pleased to be invited to the Bennetts Customer track day at Mallory Park. The sun was shining and everyone turned up to the funny safety briefing - given by Taylor [Bennetts Suzuki BSB competitor]...

It was great to see a variety of bikes out on track in the three groups - novice, intermediate and advanced - and the majority were road bikes. People had ridden to the event on them, taken them out on track and then planned on riding them home - one guy had brought a Kawasaki Versys too - as you know, not the most stereotypical track bike, but he had fun! 

Throughout the day, both Taylor and I were taking people out on track and watching their lines and giving them tips on how they could improve. I really enjoy track tuition as it’s a pleasure to see the improvement of people throughout the day when they listen to your advice.

People have differing reasons why they want to head out on track - for some people they want to go as fast as they can without getting a speeding ticket, others want to try and get their knee down for the first time and sometimes people just want to build their confidence on the bike - more often than not thought, people just want to have fun. 

I’m always riding bikes to be honest - whether it’s on track competitively in the Superstock 1000 Championship, tutoring on track at James Whitham’s school or my Honda Cub on a nice evening with my friends. Sometimes people ask me if I ever don’t enjoy it, as I do it so much, but I never get bored of riding bikes. It’s amazing to do something I love and I’m thankful that I’m able to ride bikes as much as I do.

I’m getting ready and prepped for the next round of the championship at Brands Hatch at the end of this month - 21-23 July. I’m currently second place in the championship so it’s all to play for between myself and Danny Buchan - who’s currently at the top of the table. Look forward to seeing you there!”