50cc & 125cc Bike Insurance

Moped and scooter insurance
Think motorbike and you probably picture long haired leather-clad bikers roaring off from the traffic lights at crazy speeds on huge, powerful machines. But the freedom and versatility of two wheeled transport is available to almost anybody - especially when you consider how user-friendly and accessible the smaller scooters, 50cc and upwards, can be.
These 50cc motorcycles and 125cc motorcycles have been around for decades, from the iconic Italian scooter chic to the famous mod bikes of the sixties and seventies. And in the same way that they can appeal both to the high fashion of Milan and the boys of Brighton beach, there is a scooter to suit your style too.
The days of heavy, clumsy 50cc mopeds that sound like a hairdryer and have about as much power, are now long gone, and today's scooters come with a sophisticated range of features, in a choice of stylish designs.
At the serious end of the scooter market, it is hard to tell them apart from 'real' motorbikes, with large wheels, swept bodylines and powerful engines up to 650cc. However, for most people a 50cc bike or 125cc bike is more than sufficient. These machines will deliver anything up to 65mph, and more importantly, fuel economy as high as 90 miles per gallon. And they're cheaper than you think to insure. So take a look at Bennetts Scooter Insurance and Moped Insurance.
A 50cc scooter or 125cc scooter is the perfect commuter, with plenty of nippy power for crossing town in the traffic, and a lightweight manoeuvrability that will leave most other vehicles jealously watching you as you weave out of sight. What's more, while motorbikes are all too often about performance first, with practicality coming as an afterthought, scooters are one of the most practical ways to get around.
Most scooters are automatic making them incredibly simple to ride, and most also have lots of onboard storage for your helmet and other valuables. And because there are no complex swing arms, multi valve/multi cylinder engines or other high spec components, scooters are incredibly simple to maintain and cheap to service. That's not to say that scooters are not sophisticated. With most of the major manufacturers including 50cc bikes and 125cc bikes in their product line, there is intense competition keeping the designers on their toes and the designs at the cutting edge. For example, the embarrassing days of pedal starting your reluctant 50cc moped are a thing of the past, with electric-starting just one of a myriad of extras that make life ever simpler and more comfortable for the modern scooter rider.
Best of all, scooters are immense fun. Without all the superfluous trappings of bigger bikes, you can simply hop on, twist and go, which makes them the ideal get-around transport for all walks of life.

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