Isle of Man TT Quiz

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To keep spirits up and Isle of Man TT memories sharp, we’ve come up with the ultimate TT quiz. 40 questions have been split up into order of difficulty, starting gently and ending with five real head-scratchers. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Q1: Which solo competitor has won the most TT Races?

A1: Joey Dunlop

A2: John McGuinness

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Ian Hutchinson


Q2: What’s the name of the bridge where riders famously get airborne?

A1: Braddan Bridge

A2: Sulby Bridge

A3: Ballig Bridge

A4: Ballaugh Bridge


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Q3: How long is the TT Mountain Course?

A1: 37.73 Miles

A2: 3.773 Miles

A3: 377.3 Miles

A4: 3773 Miles


Q4: Who won the 2019 Senior TT Race?

A1: Dean Harrison

A2: Peter Hickman

A3: Conor Cummins

A4: Michael Dunlop


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Q5: When did Michael Dunlop win his first TT?

A1: 2009

A2: 2010

A3: 2011

A4: 2012


Q6: Who is the only rider to win five TT races in a single week?

A1: Phillip McCallen

A2: David Jefferies

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Ian Hutchinson


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Q7: Who is the current TT lap record holder?

A1: Peter Hickman

A2: Dean Harrison

A3: John McGuinness

A4: Michael Dunlop


Q8: How many TT races has Peter Hickman won?

A1: 3

A2: 4

A3: 5

A4: 6


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Q9: Which sidecar driver has won the most TT Races?

A1: Dave Molyneux

A2: Ben Birchall

A3: John Holden

A4: Rob Fisher


Q10: Which sidecar pairing hold the current TT Lap Record?

A1: Ben & Tom Birchall

A2: John Holden & Lee Cain

A3: Tim Reeves & Mark Wilkes

A4: Dave Molyneux & Ben Binns


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Q11: The TT is a time trial and racers set off individually. At what time interval do racers start?

A1: 10 Seconds

A2: 20 Seconds

A3: 30 Seconds

A4: 5 Seconds


Q12: Over how many laps is the Senior TT Race run?

A1: 6

A2: 4

A3: 10

A4: 3


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Q13: In which year was the first TT Race held?

A1: 1907

A2: 1917

A3: 1927

A4: 1937


Q14: John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey and David Jefferies all made their TT debuts in which year?

A1: 1995

A2: 1996

A3: 1997

A4: 1998


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Q15: What was the name of the 2010 film all about the TT races?

A1: Closer to the Edge

A2: Nearer to the Edge

A3: Right on the Edge

A4: Beyond the Edge


Q16: Guy Martin had a big crash during the 2010 Senior TT race – where?

A1: Ballaspur

A2: Ballacrye

A3: Ballacobb

A4: Ballagarey


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Q17: Guy Martin has recorded the greatest number of TT podiums without winning a race, how many?

A1: 15

A2: 16

A3: 17

A4: 18


Q18: Which solo rider has the most TT podiums?

A1: John McGuinness

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: Giacomo Agostini

A4: Bruce Anstey


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Q19: Which manufacturer has won the most TT Races?

A1: Honda

A2: Yamaha

A3: Norton

A4: Suzuki


Q20: Which rider took a hat-trick of victories at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races?

A1: Peter Hickman

A2: Dean Harrison

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Lee Johnston


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Q21: Where on the TT Course is The Railway pub?

A1: Ballaugh

A2: Kirk Michael

A3: Union Mills

A4: Ramsey


Q22: Joey’s, named after Joey Dunlop, is also which milestone around the TT Course?

A1: 24th

A2: 25th

A3: 26th

A4: 27th


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Q23: How many laps can a rider usually complete before needing to refuel?

A1: 2

A2: 1

A3: 3

A4: 5


Q24: In which year did John McGuinness set the first 130mph lap?

A1: 2007

A2: 2005

A3: 2009

A4: 2011


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Q25: Who took a maiden TT win at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races?

A1: Lee Johnston

A2: Jamie Coward

A3: David Johnson

A4: Conor Cummins


Q26: How many timing points are there around the TT Course?

A1: Four

A2: Five

A3: Six

A4: Seven


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Q27: Who set the first sub-17-minute lap of the TT Course?

A1: Michael Dunlop

A2: Peter Hickman

A3: John McGuinness

A4: Ian Hutchinson


Q28: How many riders have won three or more solo races in a single week?

A1: Nine

A2: Ten

A3: Eleven

A4: Twelve


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Q29: Who was the first rider to take 4 TT wins in a single year?

A1: Philip McCallen

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: David Jefferies

A4: Steve Hislop


Q30: In what year and in what race did John McGuinness take his first TT win?

A1: 1996 Lightweight 250cc

A2: 1999 Lightweight 250cc

A3: 2000 Singles

A4: 2003 Lightweight 400cc


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Q31: How many riders have lapped the TT Course at an average speed of over 130mph?

A1: 20

A2: 21

A3: 22

A4: 23


Q32: The highest point on the TT Course is named after which TT Legend?

A1: Mike Hailwood

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: Geoff Duke

A4: Jimmie Guthrie


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Q33: Who is the fastest ever Australian around the TT Course?

A1: Josh Brookes

A2: David Johnson

A3: Bruce Anstey

A4: Cameron Donald


Q34: And what bike was he riding?

A1: Tyco Suzuki

A2: Milwaukee Yamaha

A3: McAMS Yamaha

A4: Norton


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Q35: Where would you find May Hill?

A1: Glen Helen

A2: Ramsey

A3: Douglas

A4: Kirk Michael


Q36: Who held the outright TT lap record between 1992 and 1999 with a lap of 123.61mph?

A1: Carl Fogarty

A2: Steve Hislop

A3: Jim Moodie

A4: Philip McCallen


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Q37: How many 120mph+ laps has John McGuinness completed?

A1: 259

A2: 343

A3: 194

A4: 97


Q38: How many TT Races has Ian Hutchinson won for Padgetts Honda?

A1: Five

A2: Six

A3: Seven

A4: Eight


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Q39: Who, in 2019, became the most recent rider to lap the TT Course at more than 130mph?

A1: Davey Todd

A2: Jamie Coward

A3: Martin Jessopp

A4: Ivan Lintin


Q40: Which of the following riders was the first to win a TT Race?

A1: Steve Hislop

A2: Carl Fogarty

A3: Philip McCallen

A4: Brian Morrison


Q41: In the 14 TT Races they competed in, Peter Hickman and Smiths Racing only failed to finish one race – which one?

A1: 2017 Supersport 2

A2: 2018 Superbike

A3: 2019 Superbike

A4: 2019 Superstock


Q1. Joey Dunlop – 26
Q2. Ballaugh Bridge
Q3. 37.73 Miles
Q4. Dean Harrison
Q5. 2009 - Supersport race two
Q6. Ian Hutchinson - 2010
Q7. Peter Hickman - 135.452mph (16:42.778)
Q8. 5
Q9. Dave Molyneux
Q10. Ben & Tom Birchall - 119.250mph (18:59.018)
Q11. 10 Seconds
Q12. 6
Q13. 1907
Q14. 1996
Q15. Closer to the Edge
Q16. Ballagarey
Q17. 17
Q18. John McGuinness – 47
Q19. Honda – 189
Q20. Peter Hickman – Superbike, Supersport 2, Superstock
Q21. Union Mills
Q22. 26th
Q23. 2
Q24. 2007
Q25. Lee Johnston
Q26. Six - Glen Helen, Ballaugh, Ramsey Hairpin, Bungalow, Cronk ny Mona, Grandstand
Q27. Michael Dunlop - 2016 Superbike Race
Q28. Nine - Mike Hailwood, Joey Dunlop, Steve Hislop, Phillip McCallen, David Jefferies, John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman
Q29. Philip McCallen - 1996
Q30. 1999 Lightweight 250cc
Q31. 22
Q32. Mike Hailwood - Hailwood Height
Q33. Josh Brookes - 131.745mph (17:10.994)
Q34. Norton
Q35. Ramsey
Q36. Carl Fogarty
Q37. 259
Q38. Seven
Q39. Jamie Coward
Q40. Steve Hislop - 1987 Formula Two
Q41. 2018 Superbike