Isle of Man TT Quiz

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To keep spirits up and Isle of Man TT memories sharp, we’ve come up with this festive cracker of a TT quiz. 40 questions have been split up into order of difficulty, starting gently and ending with five real head-scratchers. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Q1: Which solo competitor has won the most TT Races?

A1: Joey Dunlop

A2: John McGuinness

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Ian Hutchinson


Q2: What’s the name of the bridge where riders famously get airborne?

A1: Braddan Bridge

A2: Sulby Bridge

A3: Ballig Bridge

A4: Ballaugh Bridge


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Q3: How long is the TT Mountain Course?

A1: 37.73 Miles

A2: 3.773 Miles

A3: 377.3 Miles

A4: 3773 Miles


Q4: Who won the 2019 Senior TT Race?

A1: Dean Harrison

A2: Peter Hickman

A3: Conor Cummins

A4: Michael Dunlop


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Q5: When did Michael Dunlop win his first TT?

A1: 2009

A2: 2010

A3: 2011

A4: 2012


Q6: Who is the only rider to win five TT races in a single week?

A1: Phillip McCallen

A2: David Jefferies

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Ian Hutchinson


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Q7: Who is the current TT lap record holder?

A1: Peter Hickman

A2: Dean Harrison

A3: John McGuinness

A4: Michael Dunlop


Q8: How many TT races has Peter Hickman won?

A1: 3

A2: 4

A3: 5

A4: 6


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Q9: Which sidecar driver has won the most TT Races?

A1: Dave Molyneux

A2: Ben Birchall

A3: John Holden

A4: Rob Fisher


Q10: Which sidecar pairing hold the current TT Lap Record?

A1: Ben & Tom Birchall

A2: John Holden & Lee Cain

A3: Tim Reeves & Mark Wilkes

A4: Dave Molyneux & Ben Binns


isle of man TT quiz 2020_05


Q11: The TT is a time trial and racers set off individually. At what time interval do racers start?

A1: 10 Seconds

A2: 20 Seconds

A3: 30 Seconds

A4: 5 Seconds


Q12: Over how many laps is the Senior TT Race run?

A1: 6

A2: 4

A3: 10

A4: 3


isle of man TT quiz 2020_06


Q13: In which year was the first TT Race held?

A1: 1907

A2: 1917

A3: 1927

A4: 1937


Q14: John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey and David Jefferies all made their TT debuts in which year?

A1: 1995

A2: 1996

A3: 1997

A4: 1998


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Q15: What was the name of the 2010 film all about the TT races?

A1: Closer to the Edge

A2: Nearer to the Edge

A3: Right on the Edge

A4: Beyond the Edge


Q16: Guy Martin had a big crash during the 2010 Senior TT race – where?

A1: Ballaspur

A2: Ballacrye

A3: Ballacobb

A4: Ballagarey


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Q17: Guy Martin has recorded the greatest number of TT podiums without winning a race, how many?

A1: 15

A2: 16

A3: 17

A4: 18


Q18: Which solo rider has the most TT podiums?

A1: John McGuinness

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: Giacomo Agostini

A4: Bruce Anstey


isle of man TT quiz 2020_09


Q19: Which manufacturer has won the most TT Races?

A1: Honda

A2: Yamaha

A3: Norton

A4: Suzuki


Q20: Which rider took a hat-trick of victories at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races?

A1: Peter Hickman

A2: Dean Harrison

A3: Michael Dunlop

A4: Lee Johnston


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Q21: Where on the TT Course is The Railway pub?

A1: Ballaugh

A2: Kirk Michael

A3: Union Mills

A4: Ramsey


Q22: Joey’s, named after Joey Dunlop, is also which milestone around the TT Course?

A1: 24th

A2: 25th

A3: 26th

A4: 27th


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Q23: How many laps can a rider usually complete before needing to refuel?

A1: 2

A2: 1

A3: 3

A4: 5


Q24: In which year did John McGuinness set the first 130mph lap?

A1: 2007

A2: 2005

A3: 2009

A4: 2011


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Q25: Who took a maiden TT win at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races?

A1: Lee Johnston

A2: Jamie Coward

A3: David Johnson

A4: Conor Cummins


Q26: How many timing points are there around the TT Course?

A1: Four

A2: Five

A3: Six

A4: Seven


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Q27: Who set the first sub-17-minute lap of the TT Course?

A1: Michael Dunlop

A2: Peter Hickman

A3: John McGuinness

A4: Ian Hutchinson


Q28: How many riders have won three or more solo races in a single week?

A1: Nine

A2: Ten

A3: Eleven

A4: Twelve


isle of man TT quiz 2020_14


Q29: Who was the first rider to take 4 TT wins in a single year?

A1: Philip McCallen

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: David Jefferies

A4: Steve Hislop


Q30: In what year and in what race did John McGuinness take his first TT win?

A1: 1996 Lightweight 250cc

A2: 1999 Lightweight 250cc

A3: 2000 Singles

A4: 2003 Lightweight 400cc


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Q31: How many riders have lapped the TT Course at an average speed of over 130mph?

A1: 20

A2: 21

A3: 22

A4: 23


Q32: The highest point on the TT Course is named after which TT Legend?

A1: Mike Hailwood

A2: Joey Dunlop

A3: Geoff Duke

A4: Jimmie Guthrie


isle of man TT quiz 2020_16


Q33: Who is the fastest ever Australian around the TT Course?

A1: Josh Brookes

A2: David Johnson

A3: Bruce Anstey

A4: Cameron Donald


Q34: And what bike was he riding?

A1: Tyco Suzuki

A2: Milwaukee Yamaha

A3: McAMS Yamaha

A4: Norton


isle of man TT quiz 2020_17


Q35: Where would you find May Hill?

A1: Glen Helen

A2: Ramsey

A3: Douglas

A4: Kirk Michael


Q36: Who held the outright TT lap record between 1992 and 1999 with a lap of 123.61mph?

A1: Carl Fogarty

A2: Steve Hislop

A3: Jim Moodie

A4: Philip McCallen


isle of man TT quiz 2020_18


Q37: How many 120mph+ laps has John McGuinness completed?

A1: 259

A2: 343

A3: 194

A4: 97


Q38: How many TT Races has Ian Hutchinson won for Padgetts Honda?

A1: Five

A2: Six

A3: Seven

A4: Eight


isle of man TT quiz 2020_19


Q39: Who, in 2019, became the most recent rider to lap the TT Course at more than 130mph?

A1: Davey Todd

A2: Jamie Coward

A3: Martin Jessopp

A4: Ivan Lintin


Q40: Which of the following riders was the first to win a TT Race?

A1: Steve Hislop

A2: Carl Fogarty

A3: Philip McCallen

A4: Brian Morrison


Q41: In the 14 TT Races they competed in, Peter Hickman and Smiths Racing only failed to finish one race – which one?

A1: 2017 Supersport 2

A2: 2018 Superbike

A3: 2019 Superbike

A4: 2019 Superstock


Q1. Joey Dunlop – 26
Q2. Ballaugh Bridge
Q3. 37.73 Miles
Q4. Dean Harrison
Q5. 2009 - Supersport race two
Q6. Ian Hutchinson - 2010
Q7. Peter Hickman - 135.452mph (16:42.778)
Q8. 5
Q9. Dave Molyneux
Q10. Ben & Tom Birchall - 119.250mph (18:59.018)
Q11. 10 Seconds
Q12. 6
Q13. 1907
Q14. 1996
Q15. Closer to the Edge
Q16. Ballagarey
Q17. 17
Q18. John McGuinness – 47
Q19. Honda – 189
Q20. Peter Hickman – Superbike, Supersport 2, Superstock
Q21. Union Mills
Q22. 26th
Q23. 2
Q24. 2007
Q25. Lee Johnston
Q26. Six - Glen Helen, Ballaugh, Ramsey Hairpin, Bungalow, Cronk ny Mona, Grandstand
Q27. Michael Dunlop - 2016 Superbike Race
Q28. Nine - Mike Hailwood, Joey Dunlop, Steve Hislop, Phillip McCallen, David Jefferies, John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman
Q29. Philip McCallen - 1996
Q30. 1999 Lightweight 250cc
Q31. 22
Q32. Mike Hailwood - Hailwood Height
Q33. Josh Brookes - 131.745mph (17:10.994)
Q34. Norton
Q35. Ramsey
Q36. Carl Fogarty
Q37. 259
Q38. Seven
Q39. Jamie Coward
Q40. Steve Hislop - 1987 Formula Two
Q41. 2018 Superbike
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