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Customer Service Update

We apologise that you’re experiencing longer wait times on our phone lines right now. Our customer service agents are working incredibly hard to service our customers, but we do not have capacity to meet the present volume of calls.

This is our top priority as a team, and we have been recruiting and training a significant number of new team members to service our customers. We’re working as quickly as we can to improve the situation and make sure our service levels return to, and stays at, our usual high standards.

If you wish to avoid our busiest times when calling they are, 8am – 9am & 5pm – 6pm, so if you call during the middle of the day then the wait should be shorter than at our peak.

If you would prefer not to wait, you can access several services using our online service centre, where you can accept your renewal, cancel, update your details, request a claims progress update and request policy documents.


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