Fully Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance

comprehensive bike insurance

Fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover gives a rider peace of mind for pretty-much every eventuality. The major difference to Third Party cover is that you can claim for damages or losses if you have an accident , regardless of whether it’s your fault or not.

So whether you incur a loss because your bike or scooter is stolen, or you are hit by another driver, or fall off through your own mistake or environmental conditions, your insurer will not only pay the other party’s losses but your own as well. 

The other two common forms of insurance cover are… 

What does Fully Comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover?

If your bike, scooter or moped is stolen or damaged beyond repair in a fire, you will receive a payout that will allow you to buy a similar bike of the same age in the same condition. If your stolen bike is recovered, but damaged, your insurer will pay to have any damage put right.

If you have an accident, Comprehensive insurance will cover losses and damage to anyone else involved. This could mean fixing their vehicle or repairing their property or it could mean compensation for income lost through their inability to work or fulfil other obligations.

If the accident was your fault or no one else’s fault – such as environmental conditions like ice, wet leaves or a diesel spill – then Comprehensive cover will also pay to put right your losses. While it is true that many bike accidents are the fault of another driver, there are also plenty caused when, sometimes, we just get it wrong; misreading a corner or losing our footing on gravel or making a U-turn. 

Bennetts’ Comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover also includes;

  • 90 days European cover
  • Cover to ride other bikes (terms and conditions apply)
  • 24 hour claims line and advice
  • 16 standard modifications covered at no extra cost
  • Uninsured driver promise – your no claims discount won’t be reduced where a claim is caused by an uninsured driver
  • New bike replacement (terms and conditions apply)
  • Replacement locks and keys if stolen or lost

Is Fully Comprehensive motorcycle cover much more expensive?

Insurance premiums are built from a person’s risk profile and if you are a high risk then this will be reflected in how much you pay. Comprehensive motorcycle cover is more expensive than Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only because of the additional cover provided, but the difference in price will vary based on your risk profile. 

Some insurers specialise in certain kinds of risk and so might be able to offer just as good a deal on Comprehensive cover for your profile as another would offer for Third Party Fire and Theft. That’s why it could be cheaper to deal directly with a broker rather than use a comparison site because you can get a tailored quote based on a broader set of questions and data.



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