No Claims Discount

No Claims Discount

How can I send in my proof of No Claims Discount (NCD)? 

If you’ve purchased your Insurance with Bennetts, please send us your No Claims Discount (NCD) within 21 days of your policy start date to ensure your cover is set up correctly.

NCD is an earned discount that is applied for every year that a driver has insurance on a motorcycle without making a claim.

What documents would I have to submit as proof of my NCD?

We may ask you to provide proof of your No Claim Discount entitlement. Originals or photocopies are acceptable in the following forms:

  • Previous insurer’s Renewal Notice; or
  • Cancellation letter from your previous insurer
  • No Claim Discount letter or card.
  • Broker's proof

What to do next 

Find your renewal invitation or cancellation letter from your previous insurer

When you've found the document, check that it: 

  • is less than 2 years old
  • shows your name as the policyholder and is earned by you
  • shows in years no claim discount (NCD) you are entitled to
  • shows your discount was earned on a private motorcycle (and not a private or company car or a van)

 Scan it or take a picture

If your proof is a paper document, simply scan it or take a picture with your digital camera or Smart phone. If it’s an email, print it and scan it or take a screenshot of it.

Please make sure that the image is nice and clear – we need to be able to check all the information we mentioned in Step 1. We accept most type of image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif).

  • The name of the insured party is visible
  • The  name of the insured party is the same as the new Bennetts policy.
  • The previous Insurer Name is visible
  • The date of letter/form is visible
  • The number of years of NCD is visible

Send us your NCD

REMEMBER: Please enclose your Bennetts policy number when you send us your proof of NCD.  

You can enter your Bennetts policy number into an MMS text message alongside your scanned or photographed picture and send it to 0778 620 0898

You can also send your policy number and proof of NCD to us by post: Bennetts, PO Box 757, Folkestone, CT20 9HS

Or by email:

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