Front End Chatter - episode 190

Front End Chatter


Hello everyone, two, three here we go and welcome to Front End Chatter episode 190 in series one of Britain's best (or at least longest-running) podcast-flavoured semi-occasional long-form motorcycling nattertainment, no thanks to him, Simon Hargreaves, and even less to him, Martin Fitz-Gibbons.

FEC has been FECing for a whole FECing decade now, mostly thanks to two things: not knowing when to quit; and the tireless support and encouragement and assistance of Bennetts, easily Britain's best bike insurers. You need some of that motorcycle insurance they have these days? Actually, that's not really a question. You need some of that motorcycle insurance they have these days! And you should head directly to to get it, or at least get a quote for it. Not only are they wonderful people who put back in the bike industry (like, cough, this load of free ear-muck), but if you buy your policy direct, you'll get a year's free BikeSocial membership, which unlocks all manner of exclusive discounts, competitions, offers and experiences like some kind of cheat code for your wallet.

And in this episode, we have:

  • Honda's new E-Clutch, ridden and rated - have Honda finally figured out a way to overthrow the manual transmission after nearly 70 years of trying?
  • Triumph Tiger 1200 - only two years old and already updated, well a bit, but also a hell of a lot.
  • BMW R1300GS - what's it like compared to the R1250GS, and what will BMW do with the Adventure?

And a hearty shuffle through the bulging FECsack, including

  • Street Triple - standard or R?
  • Guess the shaft-drive, garage-wood inducing tourer
  • How long do helmets really last, really?
  • The Biking Ladder - is it a load of tosh?
  • Fun bikes for occasionally taking a pillion (who may or may not be fun)
  • Best tyres for a Ténéré
  • Credit where Viva FECspana credit is (over)due

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