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To test and review bike kit properly you have to put in the miles in all weathers. BikeSocial has two test teams; our full time staff and the BikeSocial Test Team, who help create the comprehensive and authoritative features below. The full timers for many years. Some of them get through half a dozen sets of helmets, gloves, boots, riding suits and gloves every year – pounding them into submission through summer, winter and everything inbetween. These testers understand the difference between a good product and a bad one, whatever the price because they have an enormous database to compare them with.

The BikeSocial Test Team might have used fewer products, but their opinions are every bit as important because they are riding in dozens of different situations have their own different sets of key criteria and have been chosen to test a product because we know they can do it better than we can.

The test team is carefully managed to get the right products with the right testers. Unlike some publications or websites or bloggers and vloggers, there are no commercial relationships; no worries about saying the right or the wrong thing. Getting the most honest, accurate, trusted review is all that matters. The boss of BikeSocial and our Consumer Editor John both cut their journalistic teeth on RiDE magazine in the era when RiDE had the budget and the staff to do product testing better than anyone and made every page count. So they understand the importance of getting it right and know how to test a product properly

Our aim is to have the most trusted testing on helmets, boots, textile jackets, trousers, leathers, gloves, luggage, tyres, sat navs, intercoms, locks chains, alarms, trackers, security, disc locks U-locks and chains. Plus advice on how to choose the best kit for your budget and how to use it effectively.

Motorcycle Clothing Reviews

  • Product Reviews - Helmets
    Find the best motorcycle helmets with our real-world reviews.
  • Product Reviews - Armour
    Body Armour & Base Layers

    Is body armour worth wearing? Reviews here.

  • Product Reviews - Heated Kit
    Heated Kit
    Does heated clothing really keep you warm? Find out here.
  • Product Reviews - Leathers
    Leather Jackets, Trousers & Suits
    Find the best bike leathers in our road & track reviews.
  • Product Reviews - Gloves
    Find the best motorcycle gloves our in-depth reviews.
  • Product Reviews - Textiles
    Textile Jackets, Trousers & Suits
    Which bike textiles keep you warm & dry? Find the best.
  • Product Reviews - Boots
    Find the best motorcycle boots in our road & track reviews.

Motorcycle Accessory and Service Reviews

  • Product Reviews - Accessories
    Motorcycle Accessories
    From covers to cowls, hand guards and more. Choose the best with our reviews.
  • Product Reviews - Corrosion Protectants
    Corrosion Protectants
    How to stop your bike from rusting; seven-month test results.
  • Product Reviews - Books
    Software, Books and Manuals
    From maintenance to inspiration; the books every biker needs.
  • Product Reviews - Courses
    Courses, Training and Events
    Want to improve your riding? Check out essential training here.
  • Product Reviews - Exhausts
    Exhausts and Performance Parts
    Best full exhaust systems and slip-on end cans reviewed here.
  • Product Reviews - Luggage
    Motorcycle Luggage
    Which motorcycle luggage is best for you? Read our reviews to help decide.
  • Product Reviews - Maintenance
    Maintenance and Servicing
    How to keep your bike in top condition. All the best tools tested.
  • Product Reviews - Security
    Motorcycle Security
    How to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.
  • Product Reviews - Technology
    Motorcycle Technology
    Which is the best motorcycle sat-nav & intercom? Find out here.
  • Product Reviews - Tyres
    Motorcycle Tyres
    What are the best tyres for your bike? Read our reviews here.
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