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2020 New Motorcycle Guide

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It’s another bumper year of new motorbikes! Here are the details of all the new or updated models for 2020, including those all-important prices.


As we fly into 2020 and yet another bumper year of new machinery to ogle in the dealerships, at shows and on certain motorcycling websites, here’s your guide to the new wallet-twitching metal, in alphabetical order by manufacturer including prices where known:


It’s another bumper year of new motorbikes! Here are the details of all the new or updated models for 2020, including those all-important prices.



  • Ace Iron Horse – base on the Ace muscle cruiser, the Iron Horse features a mirror-polished CNC-machined exposed frame. Still has the 174bhp, 1237cc V4. £29,686




  • RS660 – 98bhp, 660cc, parallel twin a sack full of electronics and only 169kg dry weight. Will be available towards the end of the summer (price tbc). Read more

  • RSV4 RR – a couple of new colours is the main difference for the 2020 RR which retinas the incredible 198bhp V4 motor. £15,999. Read more

  • RSV4 1100 Factory - Öhlins EC 2.0 electronic suspension specifically developed for this model plus a new colour and optional carbon-fibre brake ducts. £22,399. Read more

  • Tuono 1100 – the Factory gets semi-active suspension and a new colour (£17,199) while the RR has two new colours (£13,999). Read more




  • LEONCINO - 754cc parallel twin engine gives 80bhp in the two bike Scrambler-style range. The ‘Trail’ includes longer travel suspension, a 19” front and high-level exhaust. Est. £7,500. Read more




  • F900R – New middleweight roadster uses an 895cc parallel twin making 105bhp. Also available in an SE spec. From £8660. Read more

  • F900XR – New sports adverturer uses same 895cc engine as the R. 219kg wet weight with optional seat heights and a higher spec TE model variant. From £9825. Read more

  • S1000XR – Lighter, faster and with updated electronics. The four-cylinder 999cc engine still makes 162bhp. Higher spec TE version also available. From £14,285. Read more




  • 700 CL-X – Chinese manufacturer brings its first modern retro-styled bike in three forms: Adventure, Sport and Heritage. 692.2cc parallel twin offers 74bhp and the models have an approximate wet weight of 200kg with some fine components and styling to boot. Read more




  • Multistrada S Grand Tour – touring focused with centre stand, panniers, new seat, heated grips, new lights, unique paint scheme and more. £18,895. Read more

  • Panigale V2 – replaces the Panigale 959. More powerful and now Euro 5 friendly, it’s the only twin cylinder sports bike in Ducati’s range. New styling, single-sided swingarm, low exhaust outlet and dash. £14,995. Read the review

  • Panigale V4 – Panigale and S are now two years old. 2020 versions feature tweaks to the chassis making it faster and easier to ride. Also comes with wings. £19,995 or £24,795 for the S. Read more

  • Scrambler Icon Dark - based on the normal 803cc, air-cooled, two-valve, twin-cylinder Scrambler Icon but with full black frame, seat and bodywork and non-LED lights hence cheaper price of £7595. Read more

  • Streetfighter V4 – 208bhp naked version of the Panigale V4 with a massive electronics package…and wings. S version has electronic Ohlins. £17,595 or £19,795 (S). Read more




  • Eva Ribelle – electric streetfighter with a stack of high end components and new Lithium-polymer battery of 21.5 kWh promising more torque, less weight and a vastly improved range. €22,943. Read more




  • Bronx - powered by a 975cc version of the new ‘Revolution Max’ motor, the middleweight streetfighter is said to make more then 113bhp. Price tbc. Read more

  • Pan America – new 1250cc v-twin adventure bike claims to make more than 143bhp and will be ready for late 2020. Price tbc. Read more




  • CB1000R – finish detail changes on the triple clamps and rear section of the fuel tank - previously silver, is now body coloured; red or black, as on the 2019 version, but the existing silver option is replaced with a white scheme for 2020. Read more

  • Fireblade CBR1000RR-R – two variants. 214.56bhp, MotoGP tech for new engine, chassis and aero including integrated winglets. SP gets Ohlins, Brembos and a quickshifter. £19,999 / £23,499. Read more

  • CMX500 Rebel – LED lights all around, LCD display, Euro 5 engine with marginal performance increase, assist and slipper clutch, updated shocks, comfier seat and a new colour option. Read more

  • Africa Twin – new 1100cc engine, improves power to weight, TFT display includes Apple CarPlay, 6-axis IMU, cornering ABS and six variations available. From £13,049. Read the review

  • Goldwing – tweaked fuel injection and DCT upgrade while ‘Tour’ model gets seat and suspension enhancements. Read more

  • SH125 – new engine, redesigned chassis and updated bodywork. Five variations on offer. Read more




  • Svartpilen/Vitpilen – both 401 and 701 models based on the 390 and 690 Duke from KTM. The two 401 bikes get an extended subframe while all four receive new graphics, trim and paint finishes. Read more

    • Vitpilen / Svartpilen 401: £4799

    • Vitpilen 701: £8899

    • Svartpilen: £9349




  • Z650 – Larger cat, tweaked exhaust, revised styling, new TFT screen and Bluetooth connectivity. £6649. Read more

  • Z900 – Euro5 engine, new exhaust, front cowl and side panel design. A stiffer chassis, tech tweaks and a new TFT display. New tyres and an £8999 price. Read the review

  • Ninja1000 SX – renamed Z1000 gets a single end can, redesigned bodywork, LED lights, reshaped seats, quickshifter plus new riding modes and TFT screen. £10,999. Read more

  • Z H2 – 197bhp supercharged 998cc four-cylinder hypernaked with new steel trellis frame and double sided swingarm. 239kg kerb weight and price is £15,149. Read more




  • 390 Adventure – the new mini adventure bike with A2 licence compatibility and the same 373.2cc motor as in the 390 Duke. WP’s APEX forks and shock are adjustable. 14.5 litre tank and 19” front wheel. £5499. Read more

  • 890 Duke R – more power and torque from its parallel twin motor than the 790 Duke, the 890 version has ‘racier’ ergonomics, better brakes and fully-adjustable WP suspension. £10,399. Read more

  • 1290 Superduke R – flagship supernaked has a new chassis, updated styling and renewed electronics. Weight is down but power is slightly up while the both wheelbase and ground clearance increase too. £15,699. Read more




  • V7 III – the Stone S model is limited to 750, each is individually engraved and comes with a selection of styling enhancements. Read more

  • V7 Racer – 10th anniversary edition comes with a top-faring and screen plus LED headlight, slimmer rear mudguard and new bar-end mirrors. Read more

  • V85TT Travel – travel enduro special edition gets panniers, a tall screen, heated grips and a screen with a 60% larger surface area. The multimedia platform is also added. £11,999 Read more




  • Seiemmezzo – new 650cc V-twin engine in a scrambler. 5” TFT screen, mono headlamp, upswept bars and an 825mm seat height. Read more

  • X-Cape – same 650cc V-twin as the Seiemmezzo but in adventure spec with 19” front wheel. 830 – 845mm adjustable seat height and 7” TFT screen. Read more

  • Super Scrambler – 1187cc big v-twin makes 114.5bhp and comes with side slung exhausts and a trellis-style swingarm and only 202kg wet weight. Read more




  • Brutale 1000RR – claimed 205bhp for the hypernaked with carbon fibre bodywork including winglets and Ohlins full electronically-adjustable suspension. £26,380. Read more

  • Rush 1000 – concept version of the Brutale 1000 RR also with a claimed 205bhp from a road-legal exhaust. Forged read wheel with carbon-fibre cover. Read more

  • Brutale Rosso - 110hp version of MV’s 798cc triple with multiple engine modes, Bosch 9 Plus ABS and an up/down quick shifter. Cheaper version of its sibling. £11,580. Read more

  • Brutale SCS – as above but with the Smart Clutch System for clutchless gear changes but also auto engaging or disengaging when starting or stopping. £14,680. Read more

  • Dragster Rosso - 110hp version of MV’s 798cc triple with multiple engine modes, Bosch 9 Plus ABS and an up/down quick shifter. Cheaper version of its sibling. £12,580. Read more

  • Dragster SCS - as above but with the Smart Clutch System for clutchless gear changes but also auto engaging or disengaging when starting or stopping. £20,280.

  • Super Veloce – based on the F3 800 with retro-inspired bodywork, 148hp and a bundle of electronics including a quickshifter. Read more

  • Super Veloce Serie Oro – as above but with 153hp and carbon fibre fairings. €27,990. Read more

  • Turismo Veloce Rosso – 110hp version of MV’s 798cc triple with multiple engine modes, Bosch 9 Plus ABS and an up/down quick shifter. Cheaper version of its sibling. Even comes with an IMU. £13,480. Read more




  • Metropolis RS Concept – More aggressive bodywork and technically advanced with the firm’s i-Connect system inc. heads-up display. Also has LED running lights. Read more

  • Metropolis Ultimate – two models; Sport and Business are three-wheeler twist-and-go scooters with 400cc engines. Hand free start-up, anti-tilt locking system, adjustable windscreen. €9799. Read more

  • Pulsion – three bike range: Active, Allure and RS. 14.4hp from the 125cc engine with DRL, ABS and i-Connect. Keyless start and plenty of under seat storage. From €4,299. Read more




  • Beverly – retains its 300 and 350 engines, a new 350 Tourer special edition has a top fairing , top box and connectivity. Read more

  • Medley – new version gets an i-get engine, full LED headlight and styling and ergonomic updates. 125cc and 150cc. Read more




  • V-Strom 1050 – still uses 1037cc engine, same as its predecessor, yet now Euro 5-friendly and moves up 6bhp to 106bhp. Flagship XT model comes with hand adjustable screen, wire wheels, centre stand, bash plate, 6-axis IMU and cruise control among other electronic upgrades. From £9999. Read more




  • Bobber TFC – limited edition version (750) comes with 10 extra bhp and some extra torque plus a few top end components including carbon fibre bodywork. £15,500. Read more

  • Bonneville T100 / T120 Bud Ekins – two special editions from the modern classic range come with special paint work and a few parts from the accessory catalogue. £9200 / £10,900. Read more

  • Daytona 765 Moto2 – limited edition race bike replica with carbon fairing, full Ohlins and Brembos. Makes 128bhp, has five riding modes, a quickshifter and a classy TFT display. £15,765. Read more

  • Rocket 3 – R and GT defy weight and buxomness of a 2.5l triple having shaved 40kg from old model and now comes with 221Nm torque. A realistic contender for bike of the year. From £19,500. Read the review

  • Street Triple S – entry level and specifically A2 friendly so peak power is 47bhp in a downsized 660cc three-cylinder engine. £7900. Read more

  • Street Triple RS – 765cc triple becomes Euro5-friendly with better mid-range, improved gearbox and aesthetics. £10,300. Read the review

  • Thruxton RS – faster by 8bhp and lighter by 6kg with improved handling and stopping power courtesy of Metzeler and Brembo. £13,000. Read the review

  • Tiger 900 – new 888cc triple, new chassis and new model range – base model, GT and Rally. All use Brembo brakes, with Stylema monobloc calipers. From £9500. Read more





  • Elecctrica – electric scooter promises a 62-mile range with a top speed of 28mph in Eco mode while Power mode ups to the top speed to 44mph but restricts range to 44-miles. Smartphone connectivity, LED lighting and USB charger too. £6499. Read more

  • Sprint – 50, 125 and 150cc get new colours, new seat and gold wheels to celebrate 1960s racing. Read more

  • GTS Super – 125 and 300cc have the same upgrades as above. £4699 (125cc), £5199 (300cc) Read more

  • Primavera Sean Wotherspoon – super cool designer who has partnered with the likes of Disney and Nike has created a limited-edition styling for the 50, 125 and 150cc scooters. £4499 Read more




  • MT-125 – new engine, frame, styling, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres and clocks. About the only thing left is the name on the tank. £4524. Read the review

  • MT-03 – new suspension, styling and technology although engine and chassis remain untouched. £5197. Read more

  • Tricity 300 – leaning three-wheeler with a 292cc engine and twist ‘n go transmission – runninggear from the XMAX 300. Read more

  • TMAX 560 – Euro5-friendly with a bigger and faster engine yet still A2 compliant and a more premium feel. £11,649. Read the review

  • Tracer 700 – first Yamaha with the CP2 689cc twin-cylinder to become Euro 5 compliant. A dynamic new look, new fork settings, screen, seat and LCD display plus three colour schemes. c.£7395. Read more

  • YZF-R1 - engine, electronics, aerodynamics and chassis upgrades along with Euro 5 engine and no loss in power. £16,799. Read the review

  • YZF-R1M – same upgrades as above plus but with a wider rear section rear tyre, carbon bodywork, polished tank and swingarm plus wireless communications via an app and very high-spec Ohlins forks. £21,999. Read the review


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