Buying and Selling a Motorbike


It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first bike, a daft impulse buy or you’re an old hand, we all need a bit of advice sometimes. More than that, sometimes we just need a reminder of the basics and a moment to pause for breath to stop us buying the wrong bike or paying the wrong price or forgetting to check the important things.

Thankfully for you the BikeSocial team are old hands at buying and selling and, if you scroll down from here you’ll find 100 years worth of buying experience distilled into a selection of essential features. We made our mistakes a long time ago and, because we still can’t help ourselves, we are still out there buying, selling and (mostly) not getting our fingers burned. We understand motorcycle finance, including hire purchase and PCP. We know how to get the best part-exchange price and we’ve bought and sold enough bikes on eBay, Bike Trader, Gumtree and Motorcycle News to know which one works best for what bikes and how to get the best deal.

We are also lucky enough to have made good friends in the bike trade who can help us with specialist advice when needed. Which means we can pass that knowledge on. How to spot a dodgy bike, what to look for when buying a used bike and how to haggle like a pro.

BikeSocial’s advice pages are packed with useful tips and real-life examples of bikes for sale. Plus there are reports on our own bikes, experiences of living with, fixing and modifying them and a whole load of articles based on actual bikes for sale.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new rider, old hand or returning rider, our buying advice features will help you get a better deal on your next bike.