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What is BikeSocial BikeClub?

The first rule of BikeClub is we DO talk about BikeClub. The new motorcycling social media platform that answers all your questions.

BikeSocial BikeClub

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What is BikeSocial BikeClub?

Fortunately for you, the first rule of BikeClub is we DO talk about BikeClub.

BikeClub by BikeSocial is YOUR online space designed specifically to help YOU. BikeClub brings riders and industry experts together to answer your questions about riding, buying/selling, maintaining bikes and more in an easy-to-access online community.  A place where you can ask questions, share tips and advice and all your hard-learned experience, learn new things, be inspired, meet other biking geeks and maybe even new friends too.

BikeSocial’s reputation for reviews, features, and advice you can trust is spreading to BikeClub as we welcome a mix of industry experts (not keyboard warriors) to help answer your questions. Want to know which tyres and tyre pressures are best for your bike or how to spot a vanishing point or replace the carbs on a classic Suzuki with the airbox still in place? No problem, we have experienced riders and experts from all over biking who can help.

Why should I join BikeSocial BikeClub?

BikeSocial has been helping riders get more from motorcycling since 2012. Our website has more than 5000 articles on everything and anything to do with biking and our YouTube channel has more than 600 videos to watch.

But all of these channels are a one-way conversation where BikeSocial journos give advice and opinions to close-on a million riders every month. Imagine if we could reverse that and bring all those riders into the conversation too? BikeClub is our attempt to do that.

Social media goes part of the way, but if Facebook decides it prefers cat videos this week no one will see your questions about changing fork oil.

BikeClub is a place to learn more about biking from other riders, industry experts and (we hope) some of your biking heroes, too. The idea is that you ask questions about the stuff you need to know and the combined wisdom of 1000s of UK riders with a combined riding experience of a couple of millennia will help you to work out the answer.

BikeClub offers a simple platform where you can post, share and take part with no adverts and no hard sell.

If BikeClub is brilliant and successful it’ll be because you made it so. We think it’s the most exciting thing to hit motorcycle media in years. Thank you for being part of it.

Does it cost anything to join BikeSocial BikeClub?

No. Signing up is quick, FREE and easy. Sign-up needs an email address and password, and your account name should be your actual name because BikeClub is for grown-up humans and not trolls.

BikeClub was built to be useful, helpful and valuable to riders. A place to ask questions, answer the questions that other riders ask and learn from the many years’ experience that our collective hive has gathered. Anyone can view the questions and answers on BikeClub, but to ask a question or reply with an answer you’ll need to be a member. This needs you to sign up and agree to the rules but there’s no cost to use BikeClub.

To go to BikeClub, simply visit or click on any of the many links in this page.

How do I get the most out of BikeSocial BikeClub?

To get the best out of BikeClub, post a question rather than a statement - that way you’ll get useful help and advice in return. And if you have the experience to help answer someone else’s question, please jump in and contribute.

There’s no such thing as a bad question or a bad answer unless they break the rules of BikeClub, of course. What makes BikeClub different is that as well as the collective experience of all our members we have access to hundreds of industry experts through the bulging address books of the BikeSocial editorial team – possibly the most experienced bunch of motorcycle journalists in the UK. In addition to your own experiences, we are happy to see relevant and appropriate content shared from other sites or YouTube if they help you to help someone else with their question. We are aware of the challenges this might bring and so, please, be aware that anyone taking the p*ss and sharing inappropriate content will be placed in the BikeClub sin-bin and may ultimately, be kicked out of the club.

Thankfully, we know that riders are generally a good bunch, and we look forward to enjoying your contribution to BikeClub as much as you enjoy being here.

The Circle app is available free of charge from the Play Store for Android devices, and the App Store for IOS devices.

Is there a BikeClub app?

Yes. It’s called ‘Circle’ (that’s the name of the company who built the platform) and it’s available on iOS and Android. In fact, it’s probably the best way to enjoy BikeClub because you can set the notifications, so you don’t miss an update, post or reply.

 There’s always our friendly BikeSocial Facebook group to be a member of too – it’s a private group filled with plenty of lovely folk. In fact, if you’re not officially nice, you get kicked out!

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