New Piaggio Medley and special-edition Beverly | EICMA 2019

New Piaggio Medley and special-edition Beverly | EICMA 2020


Piaggio has revealed a new version of its Medley Scooter, featuring revised i-get engines, full LED headlight as well as styling and ergonomic updates…


What are the Piaggio i-get engines?

Piaggio’s European engine and scooter R&D centre has created the new 125cc and 150cc motors used in the updated Medley. New castings and larger valves increase exhaust flow for improved performance, along with new lightweight rockers and a redesigned camshaft profile.

Piston, injector, air box and throttle body have all been redesigned, as well as the exhaust. Like the previous model, the i-get engines have a start-stop system that sees a brushless motor fitted direct to the crankshaft. When you pull up, the motor shuts down, starting up again as soon as you twist the throttle.





14.75bhp @ 9,000rpm

16.23bhp @ 8,750rpm


8.85lb-ft @ 6,500rpm

11.06lb-ft @ 6,500rpm





What else should I know about the Piaggio Medley?

The Piaggio Medley uses a ‘low single cradle’ steel tube frame with tubular reinforcements and steel sheet to make it rigid and low.

Front suspension is a 33mm fork with five-stage preload adjustment carrying a 16” alloy wheel. The rear is a 14” alloy with a 120/70 tyre, while ABS is – as expected – standard.

The Medley S comes with Piaggio’s MIA connectivity system, which lets you connect a smartphone via Bluetooth for notifications of calls and texts on the dash, as well as music control.


New Piaggio Medley and special-edition Beverly | EICMA 2020


Is there a new Piaggio Beverly?

The Piaggio Beverly retains its 300 and 350cc engines, with a new 350 Tourer special edition introducing a top-fairing, top box and the MIA connectivity system.





21bhp @ 7,250rpm

29bhp @ 8,250rpm


16.60lb-ft @ 5,750rpm

21.39lb-ft @ 6,250rpm