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No claims discount

What do I need to do to prove my no claims discount (NCD)

If you’ve taken out a policy with Bennetts and we’ve asked you to provide proof of your no claims discount (NCD), then you need to send this to us within 21 days of your policy start date to ensure your cover is set up correctly.

NCD is an earned discount that is applied for every year that a rider has insurance on a motorcycle without making a claim.

Please note, NCD can only be used on one active policy at a time. 

What documents do I need to submit as proof of my NCD?

You’ll need to provide an original or photocopy of one of the following forms from your previous insurer / broker:

  • Renewal invitation / notice

  • Cancellation letter

  • No claims discount letter

The illustration below shows you the details your proof needs to include – as we need to see these to validate your NCD entitlement:

Please note that we don’t accept the following as proof of your NCD:

  • Certificate of motor insurance

  • Statement of fact

  • Schedule of insurance

  • Any proof of no claims discount that is over 2 years old

  • A trader/company policy (where the motorcycle is company owned not privately owned)

  • A policy showing no claims discount for a private or company car or a van

  • Proposal forms

How do I send you my proof?

You can send your proof to us in one of the two ways listed below. Just remember to include your Bennetts Policy Number when you send it to us.


You can send us your NCD proof by post to: Bennetts, Unit 3, Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth, B77 1AG


You can simply scan or forward your NCD document to us by email to:

Make sure that if you scan your document, that the image clearly shows the information we need to see which we’ve outlined above.

How do I ask for my proof of NCD from Bennetts?

Please use this form if you have an expired policy with Bennetts, and you would like us to send you a copy of your no claims discount.

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