Guy Martin: That was as much as I had

Author: Bike Social Sports Reporter Posted: 31 May 2014

Martin had to settle for second today

Guy Martin has said he could not have done any more in today’s Superbike TT race to beat the runaway winner, BMW’s Michael Dunlop.

Martin got a good start shooting straight into second place by the end of the first lap and maintained the position for the distance. The Tyco Suzuki man just didn’t have the pace to keep up with Dunlop on the S 1000 RR, who broke the lap record twice in the first two laps to build a lead of up to twenty five seconds.

Honda Racing’s Conor Cummins began to chase down the Lincolnshireman towards the end of the race but Martin responded to the Manxman’s late surge to increase the gap and cross the line five seconds ahead.

“I could not have done any more. That was as much as I had. The front end was sliding, the rear end was sliding. It’s not should have done this, could have done that, should have, would have, could have! I was reading my boards and knew Conor was behind me so I tried to show Michael a wheel on the mountain but he had twenty seconds on me, so for me to go flying past him isn’t really the done thing so I thought as long as this pace is good enough for me to keep second it was OK.”

Despite having thirteen TT podiums to his name, Guy Martin has never won a TT and is becoming known as a bit of a Bridesmaid. He admits to being a little miffed at another second place but is happy for the team, after being absent from the podium for the last two years.

“Yeah it’s another second place but I’m just dead happy for the team. The bike was mint. We had some issues in the week and in the past few years with the bike lasting the six laps but the bike I finished with was the bike I started with. The pits stops went a treat, it was mint! It’s just another second place.”

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