Fuel leak issue leads to mass BMW recall

Posted: 16 Jan 2014

Almost 50,000 motorcycles will be recalled

More than 50,000 BMWs will be recalled over the next year after it has been revealed they may develop cracks in the fuel pump flange leading to a leak. The recall has already begun in the USA and involves at least eighteen models from 2005-2012.

Models affected include the 2005-11 R models, 2005-12, K models, 2006-10 HP2s and 2010-11 S 1000 RRs.

A report submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states: “Due to excessive loads on the fuel pump flange in the area of the quick connector during motorcycle servicing, ductile cracks may develop in the plastic flange.”

Excessive loads can be generated during improper removal and insertion of the quick connector, or by removing the fuel tank prior to disconnecting the fuel line. Further damage can be caused by corrosive material/fluids. Over time, this could affect the seal between the flange and the flange housing. Eventually, a small fuel leak could occur during engine operation. After the engine is shut off, the fuel leak stops.”

The report highlights the first warranty claim with the description of a fuel leak was in February 2006 followed by several more in the next few years. After subsequent tests, BMW estimate cracks could develop at a rate of 0.31% after three years.

Currently BMW are only recalling motorcycles in the USA although it is expected it will be rolled out globally towards the end of the year.  Owners will be notified as and when the campaign is launched in the UK.  

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