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OFFICIAL: Kawasaki announces Ninja H2 & H2R prices

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OFFICIAL: Kawasaki announces Ninja H2 & H2R prices


Kawasaki have captured every two-wheel enthusiasts attention and divided their opinion with their rejuvenation of the H2 brand, firstly by unveiling the Ninja H2R at the Cologne show at the end of September, a track-only bike which makes a claimed and rather phenomenal 310bhp courtesy of its supercharger.

Then, only last week, Kawasaki took the covers of the street version known as the Ninja H2 at the Milan motorcycle show. The street version makes a more reasonable 207bhp from its 998cc, liquid cooled in-line four engine.



  • Ninja H2R: £41,000

  • Ninja H2: £22,000

You get a set of paddock stands and tyre warmers with the carbon-fibred, track-based H2R while the UK spec Ninja H2 comes equipped with the very latest Akrapovič curved carbon fibre three dimensional silencer pre-fitted.


The fearsomely quick H2R


In terms of availability Kawasaki said in a statement, "We expect the first arrivals in March for the road going H2 and further stock of each model to follow closely behind."

Kawasaki have yet to confirm the number of H2 and H2R's that remain available in the UK although a spokesman did confirm that "the majority of machines allocated to the UK have already been spoken for in advance with formal expressions of interest at Kawasaki dealerships."



Each bike is built and inspected by a single technician in the Akashi factory in Japan and according to the official Kawasaki USA website, the H2R comes with a Vehicle Acknowledgement document. So for your £41,000 what else do you get and what information is relayed?

  • Front and rear paddock stands

  • Front and rear tyre warmers - you are warned in the document about the dangers of riding on cold tyres

  • A 120dB exhaust

  • Instructions on how to store the vehicle; off the ground so you don't deform the tyres, of course

  • Speaking of tyres, the H2R should only be run on Bridgestone Racing Battlax V01F with specific compounds

  • Service inspections are required every 15 hours of engine operation above 8,000rpm. Don't worry if you don't remember, the ECU monitors the use and will display a message

  • Oh, and no kind of warranty

Not to be forgotten is Kawasaki's other 200bhp Ninja, the ZX10-R which weighs in at £13,200 for the model with ABS.


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