Taylor MacKenzie on superbike debut: "I hardly slept, it's like Christmas!"

Author: Oli Rushby Pics: Tim Keeton Posted: 05 Mar 2015

Taylor made his superbike debut at CartagenaTaylor MacKenzie has said he hardly slept last night before making his British Superbike debut for the WD40 Kawasaki team in Spain today.

MacKenzie, son of three-time champion Niall, was among the first riders out of pitlane on the first of four days testing at the Cartagena circuit. 

“I was pretty keen this morning, I would have gone out last night if I could have!” he said talking to Bike Social this afternoon.

“I didn’t sleep much I was that excited, it was a bit like having Christmas day and not being able to open your presents until the morning. The bike is awesome, the power is amazing and it handles great so I think we’ll get faster and faster as the year goes on.” 



The 22-year-old steps up to the Superbike class this season with Brent Gladwin’s WD40 squad, alongside Irishman Jack Kennedy, having not spent much time on a 1000cc bike before.

“It’s been really good so far, I’ve just been doing as many laps as I can and chipping away every session, getting faster and faster. We’re just going to keep at it over the next few days, I don’t know how the bike is meant to feel really it’s about spending time on it. Geoff [Crust – former Yamaha MotoGP boss], my crew chief, says there is no pressure so we’re just getting on with it. We’ve got a long season ahead of us so the aim now is to gain an understanding of the bike by doing as many laps as we can.

“I’ve ridden a few Stock 1000s before but they don’t even come close to how fast this is. It’s been alright though, once you’re sat on it, it doesn’t feel that much different to a 600 but they do have to be ridden in a different way. I thought it was going to feel really heavy but it doesn’t, it feels nimble and light so I’m really enjoying it.”

No times have been released from the first day as many of the teams iron out small issues with their new bikes.