Valentine eyeing up BSB return with Halsall Racing

Author: Bike Social Sports Reporter Posted: 04 May 2014

Deja vu?

Jack Valentine has told Bike Social he’s hoping to make a return to the British Superbike paddock in the near future, tipped for a return to the Halsall Racing outfit as early as the next round at Snetterton.

The former Crescent Suzuki boss joined the Bolton-based outfit last year as team manager only to quit fairly soon afterwards. Valentine is in the paddock this weekend spending time with Martin Halsall’s team, who drop down to one rider after splitting with Lee Costello ahead of the weekend getting underway.

“Martin [Halsall] the team owner asked me to come down this weekend to have a look at things and that’s what I’m here to do and we’ll see how it goes from there really" said Valentine speaking exclusively to Bike Social. 

"I’ve been impressed with young Harry Hartley so far this year, he’s a good up and coming rider and the youngest rider ever to score points in British Superbikes so I think there is some potential there.

“We’re keen to see how it goes this weekend and take it from there. Martin is really keen to develop the team which is something I’d be very interested in getting involved with. He wants this to be a championship winning team and again, that’s something I’ve got a real interest in. I’m glad to be back in the paddock and we’ll see how it goes from there.”

With Valentine looking to get back into the team in a management role, the likeable northerner could well be looking to replace the departed Costello but he says they’ll only take on the right rider.

“I’ve been brought in to work on the management side of things and I’ve just started to get my feet under the table. I’ve not even been down to the unit yet, this all came together fairly quick this week. There have been some changes in the team, there’s no Lee Costello this weekend. I don’t know what’s happened there but he is no longer with the team so it’s just Harry Hartley at the moment, whether that will go to a two man team I’m not sure but if it does we’ll be looking for a rider that is capable of challenging for race wins and podiums. There aren’t many of those about at the moment so the main focus is on young Harry and trying to develop him.”

The aim is clear for Valentine and Halsall, who would both like to see the team show championship winning potential. Tommy Bridewell showed the calibre of the Halsall bikes last year sticking it on the podium and challenging for race wins.

“If I get involved with this team I want to help develop it into a championship winning team. Martin has told me that is his ambition and he knows it is mine, so if we can make it work then so be it. The bikes are excellent and there is a real good crew here. If Shakey Byrne or Josh Brookes were on these bikes they would be getting the same results as they are now, no doubt about it. The team just needs a little bit more structure, which is hopefully something I can help with.”

Martin Halsall, a software developer by trade, confirmed to Bike Social that he’s keen to have Valentine back on board and echoed his soon-to-be new team manager’s views on a second rider, saying they’d only switch back to a two rider team if they can sign a front runner. Halsall is hoping to reach a deal for Valentine to take over as team manager within the next week.

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