SIDI Vortice Boots

Author: Joshua Cherry Posted: 18 Jun 2013

When I first saw SIDI’s Vortice boots I felt like I was 10 years old… white Power Ranger style boots, what more could you want? They are stunning, especially in white. When riding, you feel like a hybrid of the Stig and a storm trooper.

The boots are a complex maze of clips fasteners, meaning they’re a five minute job to put on. Whilst this is annoying, it’s something that gets both easier and faster after a bit of practice. The fasteners feel secure and although it looks as though the wire could snap, it’s actually quite sturdy. The boots have exceptional build quality, which you’d expect given the RRP.

Once on, the boot feels secure and fits perfectly thanks to the adjustable mechanism. Compared to the older style Velcro/zipper boots, the SIDI Vortice boots feel exceptionally secure, justifying the need for the complex fastening mechanisms. When on a bike you instantly feel locked in and safe, just like when you find that one pair of leathers or that special helmet that fit perfectly and makes you feel secure.

Initially I was concerned about the stiffness of the boot, however after riding on the road I can tell you that comfort has not been sacrificed and changing gear, moving your foot and braking are not hindered by the rigidity.

Whilst they aren’t the most comfortable boot to walk in, it can be done, I have had no trouble wearing these during a day at college without the blisters or ankle pain that can be a symptom of uncomfortable boots.
The boots are designed to be lightweight but once on and tightened they seem quite heavy. They are weighty enough to remind you that whatever accident may occur, your ankle and foot will be safe. This gives the rider great confidence to ride without the feeling of insecurity regarding the quality of their kit.

I’ve been using these boots for around four months in varied weather conditions and they still look like new. The plastic is easy to clean and despite being white, if cleaning is regular, the boots don’t discolour on the leather or plastics.

Another thing I’ve been impressed with is the waterproofing and warmth of the boots, never have my feet been cold or wet in these. When you consider they have been ridden in below zero temperatures this is very impressive for a race boot.

The SIDI Vortice's have opened my eyes to the benefit of spending that little bit more on a pair of boots. Before, I would buy a cheap black leather pair however after feeling this security and comfort, I wouldn't turn back.