Front End Chatter - episode 81

Simon Hargreaves
By Simon Hargreaves
SimonHbikes Simon rides motorbikes, and then writes about them. He also co-presents the Front End Chatter podcast and plays bass guitar rather well.
Front End Chatter podcast

Oh my lordy lord, here’s Front End Chatter E81, hot on the heels of E80 and ploughing an ill-informed furrow through the field of motorcycling podcasts, supported and upheld as ever by the munificence of and Bennetts, the top bike insurance people. 

And this time out we have topics as varied as: 

  • Jonathan ‘Nice’ Rea’s fourth consecutive World Superbike title – and which previous WSB champs congratulated him...
  • Ana Carrasco and her maiden – literally – WSSP300-on-a-400 world title 
  • Jorge Lorenzo, who crashed at the first corner of the Aragon MotoGP race by sheer will power alone
  • New bikes from Royal Enfield, yes, that’s Royal Enfield, with Simon riding the Interceptor and Continental GT at the launch...
  • ...and even more new bikes, from the Intermots they have now including, er, well, not all that much, really – apart from Suzuki’s GSX-S1000-in-a-frock Katana and Indian’s FTR1200 flat-tracker, Moto Guzzi’s V85 TT, Kawasaki’s 125s, Triumph’s Street Scrambler & Street Twin, and Yamaha’s Tracer 700GT...
  • FEC listeners’ emails including: 
  • making engines ‘emulate’ other engines 
  • what to do in the Isle Of Man instead of riding motorcycles
  • should Gore-Tex be waterproof after two hours in heavy rain? 
  • are paddock/pit-bikes any good? 
  • is feeling for grip affected by suspension set-up? 
  • is a cheap track bike a bad idea?
  • best winter hack for £1500
  • do we wear different kit for different trips, and should we get upset about riders choosing not to wear appropriate protective clothing?

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