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Sales of PTWs (powered two wheelers) enjoyed a small rise in 2022 compared with 2021, according to figures compiled by the MCIA.

The first full 12-month cycle to take place without the impact of COVID-initiated lockdown periods since 2019, buyers have returned to keep the market buoyant despite the impact of an ongoing cost of living crisis and record high fuel prices.

A total of 116,534 units were shifted in 2022, compared with the 2021 total of 114,371, to represent a 1.9% rise. Despite the modest increase, the figures compare strongly with previous years in 2018 (105,816), 2019 (107,408) and 2020 (104,612).

Much of this can be attributed to the growing popularity for alternatively fuelled (electric) models, with sales in that segment rising by 8% to just over 6,000 units.

But which models were the most popular overall? Here is the countdown for the UK’s Best-Selling Motorcycles and Scooters of 2022.


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10 - Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

(Sales: 1094)

It has been a fantastic year for Royal Enfield in the UK with the old-fashioned-turned-fashionable Indian marque landing a trio of top ten entries here, beginning with the model that kicked off the UK’s newfound obsession with the firm.

Indeed, the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 has comfortably established itself as one of the UK’s favourite full-size motorcycles since it was launched in 2018 and has remained steadfastly popular in the face of newer opposition.

With buyers attracted by its classic looks, no-nonsense riding performance, lifestyle image and, of course, attractive prices, the Interceptor 650 is also the third best-selling twin-cylinder-or-more model.


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9 - Royal Enfield Classic 350

(Sales: 1145)

One of two new entries in this year’s rundown, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 proves UK buyers don’t need fancy tech or modern looks to impress.

While Royal Enfield might have feared it was pitching the Classic too close to the identically-engined Meteor 350, the more nostalgic appearance, honest dynamics, and throwback attitude ensured healthy figures


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8 - Honda SH 125i

(Sales: 1284)

One of four Honda models to appear here, the Honda SH 125i may be basic by the Japanese giant’s standards but its guarantee of solid build quality and trusted engineering still make it a hit compared with its range counterparts.

With a more flamboyant appearance and nifty touches, as well as a competitive £3,495 price tag, it’s a perennial favourite in the UK.


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7 - BMW R 1250 GS

(Sales: 1475)

The more touring orientated of BMW’s enduringly popular R 1250 range, the BMW R 1250 GS may not be quite as popular as the GS Adventure, but it was still enough to land No.7 on this list.

If you don’t need the rugged capability of the Adventure then the R 1250 GS with its punchy engine, comfortable nature and smart gadgetry makes it the ideal long-distance companion.


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6 - Royal Enfield Meteor 350

(Sales: 1522)

It came close but, in the end, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 couldn’t quite dethrone the long reigning BMW R 1250 GS Adventure as the UK’s best-selling full-size (+125cc) motorcycle.

Nevertheless, sixth overall and full-size runner-up to a motorcycle that has ruled UK sales charts for years now remains an extraordinary achievement for the small cruiser, one that caps off a remarkable year for the Indian firm.

Smart contemporary styling, an eager single-cylinder engine and some nifty touches - such as the Tripper Navigation display that relays the Maps app from your Android or iOS device - have quickly earned it a loyal following.


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5 - BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

(Sales: 1740)

They came for the King, but in the end the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure remains the UK’s best-selling 125cc-plus motorcycle by a comfortable margin.

Something of a default for many, buyers have remained loyal to the BMW R 1250 brand thanks to its rock-breaking go-anywhere ability, clever technological wizardry and refinement on the road too.


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4 - Yamaha NMAX 125

(Sales: 1908)

The UK’s best-selling PTW of 2021 takes quite a slide down to fourth position for 2022.

Often locked in a tussle for the top with the similarly positioned Honda PCX 125, while the NMAX 125 ruled the roost last year, it is trumped by a trio of Hondas in 2022.

Solid mechanicals, strong reliability and easy-to-use controls make the NMAX 125 a boon in urban environments, so while it isn’t riding as high as it was last year, it still remains a popular and accomplished choice.


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3 - Honda Vision (NSC 110 NH)

(Sales: 1912)

The entry-level model in Honda’s expansive scooter range, the NSC 110 NH - or Vision to its friends - is a great value, easy-to-ride way into owning a model from ‘Big Red’.

Priced from £2,799, the Vision is conventional without being too basic, combining smart looks with eager performance from its 109cc engine, it’s no wonder the nimble, lightweight remains popular.


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2 - Honda CBF 125 M

(Sales: 2264)

A perennial favourite in the UK, the Honda CBF 125’s popularity on these shores not only shows no sign of slowing down, but for 2022 has increased considerably too.

Rising from fourth to second in the rankings, the CBF 125 is the UK’s best-selling full-size motorcycle, proving particularly popular with those upgrading from scooters.

Despite its ageing styling, those trusty Honda credentials remain in evidence, giving customers reassurance for what is often their first motorcycle.


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1 - Honda PCX 125

(Sales: 4286)

The Honda PCX 125 has reclaimed its spot at the head of the UK sales charts after playing second fiddle to the Yamaha NMAX 125 in 2021.

It wasn’t a close-run thing this time either, Honda shifting 4,286 examples of its most universal scooter. That’s more than 2,000 units greater than the second place CB 125 F.

With sleek styling, stop-start technology, nippy dynamics, and competitive £3,599 price tag, it’s no wonder the Honda PCX 125 has been such a dominant choice among UK buyers.



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