Your winter bike check routine

Posted: 09 Nov 2013

Winter bike checks

As the cold temperatures set in, it’s essential that you give your bike a little extra TLC if you plan to brave the elements and use it throughout winter. By simply carrying out a few extra checks before you venture out you can be sure your bike is safely prepared for the conditions. 

As with many things, the work is in the preparation, so while it’s important to carry out daily winter checks on your motorcycle to ensure everything is working as it should, it’s also worth bearing in mind the preparation tips below before you head out too:

- Ensure you have suitable clothing

It’s important to ensure that your clothing keeps the warmth in and rain out in poor weather conditions. A good waterproof and windproof jacket will ensure both and if you choose one in a light colour and/or with reflective panels, you’ll also make sure that you can be clearly seen by other road users.

- Effective tyres

Depending on the severity of the weather it might be worth investing in some winter tyres with a deeper tread depth to account for the change in road conditions. Check your tread depth too to ensure that it is within the legal limits of 1.00mm*.

- The right type of coolant

As many people do, if you’ve just been filling up your coolant with water throughout the year then you may need to add more concentrated coolant that contains anti-freeze to ensure it does its job properly.

Bike Checklist

Before you go out:

  1. Check all lights are working and clear of dirt.
  2. Clean visor and mirrors and spray with anti-mist spray.
  3. Check tyre pressures – do this in line with manufacturer guidelines.
  4. Check your chain is has the correct amount of lubrication.

On the road:

  1. Signal earlier to warn other traffic in plenty of time to avoid last minute braking and skidding in icy or snowy conditions.

When you return:

  1. Wash your bike – salt damage can cause metal parts to rust and paintwork to be ruined, so give your bike a quick clean.
  2. Don’t put it away wet – wipe down the machine with a towel to get the majority of the water off.

*correct at time of writing

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