You ask, we answer: Why is it that you connect with a bike?

Posted: 31 Aug 2013

Why is it that you connect with a bike?

Simon Parry-Jones got in touch with us on Facebook to ask what our motorcycling expert thinks about the connection between motorcycle and rider. See the answer below!


Why is it you can connect with a bike, where a rider and bike becomes one, it feels as though it’s your buddy, you go to war together, it’s a friend, I have the urge to look after it, care for it, but cars just don't have that. Why can you not connect with a car in the same way?


Interesting question, that, and one that could run and run on forum pages. The answer isn’t easy. It could be that you are ‘more directly connected’ with a bike. For example, there isn’t a lot between your hands and the contact patch of the front tyre. With a car, there’s a steering wheel, several linkages, more linkages, huge great axles and hubs and two wheels with tyres that absorb almost all feel. Plus there’s a hefty engine, the weight of which further dilutes any feel.

Some would argue that it is down to self-preservation – you become aware of what the bike is doing and what it is capable of because you need to, and also that to get the best from it rider involvement is 100%. I get bored in cars. Others would say it’s because you’ve paid good money for it because it’s something you’ve always wanted and cherish it like a loved one. The debate rages…

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