Tour Africa on a bike? Why not!

Posted: 12 Jul 2013

What could be better than touring the beautiful continent of Africa on a motorbike? A tour such as this provides you with memories you will never forget and the opportunity to meet some amazing people. Touring a country as diverse as Africa on a bike is always going to be challenging and it certainly won’t be like any other two week holiday you’ve had before which is why the memories that you can take from a trip such as this will last a lifetime.

This particular tour stretches from Cape Town to the Victoria Falls, covering a distance of more than 3000 miles. The guided tour, beginning in Cape Town, will take you through the Cape’s wine lands, the Cedarburg Mountain Range, the Sesriem Canyon and the Skeleton Coast. You could also see some Africa’s iconic wildlife at the Etosha National Park as well as the spectacular Victoria Falls. Fancy it? Well this could be you.

The ride is suitable for riders of all levels however some off-road experience is advised.The 16 day tour is an experience that won’t be matched by many; it’s an opportunity to meet new people from the world of motorcycling, experience new things and visit places you may not think you’d ever visit.

Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity; Check the Bennetts Facebook for information on how to enter the competition and be with in a chance of winning this trip of a lifetime.

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