Simply amazing views in Scotland

Posted: 28 Oct 2011

The A82 in Scotland is a trunk road linking Glasgow to Inverness via Loch Lomond, Glen Coe and Fort William.

“Well as it happens, the route on the A82 reminds me of happier years gone by when I was posted to RAF Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides and used to travel by car,  ferry and then this route. I drove it rather than rode it back then on my way to visit relatives and friends.

“As it turns out, I have a holiday next week and am taking my new bike, a Triumph Bonneville T100, with me. From memory, it is the route past Loch Ness and up towards Fort William that inspires me as the views are simply amazing.” Ian Egleton

“In my opinion, the A82 through the Highlands has got to be one of the best roads to ride in Europe. The best place to start is at the village of Tyndrum.  'The Green Welly Stop' is famous in these parts with a good cafe and fuel station to fill up at.  

“Set off on the A82 though the most amazing and stunning scenery and on the most amazing road. You will travel along the valley floor with the mountains either side, on through Rannock Moor and through Glen Coe up to Ballachulish. This will be one of those rides that you will remember in years to come as one of your best!  

“If you can ride it on a clear sunny day, you’ll be able to take in the views that go on for miles around. There are some great stops along the way and if you are really lucky you may come across a bagpiper. It’s an absolutely magical experience with the sound echoing off the mountains.” John Abraham

“After a cup of coffee at the 'Green Welly Stop' in Tyndrum, get ready for the eighth wonder of the world! Whatever size, make or model bike you ride, nothing can prepare you for the A82. Now’s the time to forget about work, family, or anything else that's on your mind.

“The road starts nice and gentle as it climbs and then levels towards the Bridge of Orchy with some superb tarmac and clear views where most of the road can be seen in the distance. You can plan your lines and set yourself up for the corners and view any traffic coming up.

“As you then arrive on Rannoch Moor the whole scenery changes to a desolate landscape that wouldn't look out of place on some far away planet. The road however continues to be amazing with long, fast sweeping bends and very long straights. There are come sharp, almost hairpin, bends which can catch the inexperienced out so be warned! 

“The whole idea of riding this road isn't about going fast – it's about the views, the expanse, the stunning scenery and amazing velvet-like tarmac.

“Now we arrive at the most amazing part of all – the run through Glen Coe, past the ski resort on your left and round a tight 'S' bend. The road snakes down the valley, which looks like something from Jurassic Park – sheer mountains that reach almost vertically to the sky. There are plenty of stopping areas that you can pull over and just be in awe of the surroundings.

“Valley after valley criss-cross each other into the distance. The scale is HUGE!  Continue at a nice steady pace down the rest of the road to Ballachulish and then try a run round Loch Leven or just go back up Glen Coe again!

“I know this probably sounds like an advert from the Scottish Tourist Board, but you can't describe in words what the beauty of the A82 and Glen Coe has to offer. Just try it for yourself!” Stephen Farrar

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