Nick Sanders World Ride - Moments #13


You’re nobody if haven’t been around the world on a motorbike these days but the grandfather of all the two-wheeled explorers, Nick Sanders MBE, is at it again. The 61-year old is currently on his eighth tour of the globe – and for this 100,000km expedition, he’s riding the new Yamaha Ténéré 700.

In previous circumnavigations the super adventurer has been all about speed, most notably in 2005 when he smashed the Guinness World record for the fastest lap of earth on a bike; 19 days and four hours to be exact. And this feat was made even more astonishing because he achieved it on a Yamaha YZF-R1.

This time though, Sanders is not so bothered about speed and instead looks to raise awareness for the Two Wheels for Life charity and take in the “interesting points of view about the world and its people as I ride on by,” so says the man himself.

Starting off by transporting the Ténéré 700 across the pond to New York, Sanders joins his steed in the Big Apple and heads west. We pick up his journey by sharing photos, comment and stories taken from his own blog as well as those which he shares with us on the occasions he’s got phone service.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we're going to move on. These films so far are actually a few days behind me - takes time to film and then edit and then find wifi to upload them - these digital stories are quite fun aren't they? Anyway, I'm now going to film and upload the same day so we get a sense of spontaneity and real time movement and presence. Any useful comments welcome. Hope you are enjoying this slightly unusual story:( It's going to get stranger because real life, especially out here, is very different. Take care everyone.

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders World Ride – Moments #13

I'm going around the world, again. It's not a day by day account, some days will get missed just to get where I need to get to, so I'm compiling a series of 'MOMENTS' that kind of happen as they occur. Interesting points of view about the world and its people as I ride on by. I hope you enjoy them.

Nick Sanders World Ride Moments #13
Nick Sanders World Ride Moments #13