Front End Chatter - episode 132

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter, and episode 132 of the long funning ramily drama in which ranty old seadog Simon Hargreaves (played by Oliver Reed, in his final screen role), rattling around alone in the east wing of Chatter Manors, is faced with moral bankruptcy and can only be saved by the intervention of the saintly Martin Fitz-Gibbons (played by Peter O’Toole in his final screen role). Together they form an unlikely alliance with Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists (played by Alan Bennett, in his final screen role) and, the world of biking on the web (played by Meryl Strepsil, in her final screen role).

And there are some motorbikes in all this, in case you’re new round here.

And in this episode, Simon and Martin chatter about:

And in the FEC sack, we have topics as varied as:

  • how to secure your helmet to your bike when going walkabout
  • how to ride over potholes and bumps (at speed)
  • what do electric bikes have to achieve to find widespread acceptance?
  • what makes a bike exceed expectations?
  • what’s the Five Nations Tour?
  • when is a Vyrus not a virus?

...and much, much more...

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