Honda CBR600F review

Posted: 27 Oct 2011

Honda’s CBR600F is something of a legend within Honda circles. Originally launched in 1987 it sold nearly a quarter of a million units until it was finally killed off in 2006. The CBR’s success was mainly due to its all-round usability. It wasn’t a radical sportsbike like the R6, ZX-6R or GSX-R, instead it was a sporty 600 that could be made far sportier or could just as easily be a day-to-day hack. So where does this latest incarnation fit in?

With the very focused CBR600RR taking on the track role, the CBR600F is now firmly in the ‘do it all’ camp with a leaning towards the budget end of things. Let’s be honest here, the 2011 CBR600F is essentially a Hornet 600 with a new set of clothes. Which isn’t a bad thing.

The Hornet has always been a nippy little handler and the CBR, unsurprisingly, is the same. It feels equally at home darting through lines of traffic as it does around country lanes and has a lovely natural balance about it that new riders or those less confident will relish. The ABS does what it should and the engine is sprightly without being revvy and irritating. It lacks a bit of punch when compared to bigger capacity rivals but that is to be expected and what it lacks in power it makes up for in superb throttle response and smoothness.

It may not be the most inspiring bike, but the CBR600F does everything it promises and does it well at a budget price. You can’t ask for more than that really, can you?

Power: 101bhp, 47ft.lbs
Weight: 211kg
Seat height: 800mm    
Colours: Red/white, blue/white, black

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