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Accepted as standard

Bennetts accept the following modifications as standard – you do not need to tell us about them when you buy a policy, or if you add any of them later: 

  • Disability adapted: We don’t need to know about modifications to cater for a disability, for example, throttle or braking adaptions for amputees. 

  • Air Filter Changes: Air filters can be upgraded to increase the flow of air and improve performance. They are often washable which saves money too.

  • Bar Ends: Bar ends are fitted to the end of your handlebars to add weight, which reduces vibrations and can also provide crash protection, as well as enhancing the look of your bike.

  • Braided Hoses: Rubber hoses wrapped in wire braid to protect the rubber and reduce expansion, improving hydraulic pressure to give you better braking performance – plus they look good.

  • Decals/Stickers (unless Race Replica): Unless stickers are part of a wider attempt to replicate a recognised race bike (in which case please declare the modification as “Race Replica/Colours/Decals”, we don’t need to know about them – we certainly don’t need to know you’ve joined the woodland trust or put a GB sticker on it. We actively encourage the use of Bennetts stickers… Feel free to ask!

  • Exhausts: Road-legal silencers and full exhaust systems.

  • Grippers: Gripper pads are stuck to the side of the tank to make it easier to grip on to the bike, i.e. when getting your knee down at a track day.

  • Heated Grips: Heated grips are designed to keep riders hands warm during cold spells

  • Huggers: A rear hugger acts as a protective cover, shielding the rear shock/underside of the bike from rain and dirt.

  • Lights/Indicators/Mirrors: As long as your lights, indicators and mirrors are road legal, we don’t need to know if you’ve changed them, i.e. for cosmetic reasons.

  • Panniers / Top Box: Up To £400.

  • Scottoilers: A vacuum-operated chain lubrication system that continuously lubricates the chain whilst on the move.

  • Screen Changes: A screen or “bubble” can be changed to improve the appearance of the bike or protect the rider from wind at higher speeds, i.e. on a naked bike. Screens can also improve the aerodynamics and performance of sports bikes.

  • Seat Replacement: We don’t need to know if you’ve changed the seat, e.g. a comfy gel seat for long rides or a tailored seat that just looks good. 

  • Seat Cowl/Single Seat Units: These are fitted either in place of the passenger seat or by clipping over it. It is designed to protect the seat while not in use and can improve the aerodynamics and aesthetics of the bike.

  • Sissy Bars (Long Back Rest): An addition to the rear of a motorcycle that allows the rider or passenger to recline against it for comfort or safety.

  • Tail Tidy: Aftermarket licence plate holder, which is usually much smaller and better looking than standard manufacturer equipment.

  • Tank Pads: Protective stickers that help to prevent tanks from being scratched by clothing.

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