More rule changes for WSBK

Posted: 13 Jun 2013

WSBK 2013

Less than two months have passed since the WSBK Championship rules had an overhaul, and we’re already hearing about more proposed changes to come. The FIM announced an initial framework of rules for the 2014 series, which will be applied in three stages. 

Apparently, the main reason for the change of rules (again) is to reduce the cost of competing motorcycles and their components, with cost caps applied to parts such as suspension, gearbox ratios and brakes. All this is with the eventual aim of creating a fixed price [to race] that is much lower than today.

While in principle these plans appear to make sense, until the rules are finalised, we won’t know whether they’ll actually make a difference – particularly to factory teams whose spending may be concentrated in other areas, such as chassis R&D, rather than the individual components listed in the ‘framework’.  In addition, the new rules will mean that only a limited number of engines will be available to individual riders each season, and WSBK constructors will have to lease or sell a minimum number of bikes with the same tuning as the WSBK machines.

Keep up-to-date with for more details on the rule changes.

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