Dovi on Ducati: “There is no magic wand”

Ducati's 2013 MotoGP bikes, the GP13
As the covers came off Ducati’s new MotoGP bike, new recruit Andrea Dovizioso has spoken out for the first time about his switch from the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team to the Ducati factory MotoGP team in 2013. He warned that results will take time to come.

Speaking at the glitzy Ducati MotoGP team launch in Italy, Dovizioso said: “Ducati has won me over from the very first meeting with Preziosi, because it made me realise that there are exciting plans for the future and that we can begin to build together something important.”

Ducati's new boy Andrea Dovizioso talked about his plans for
He added: “Behind that there is budget, technology and passion, all the tools necessary to achieve the objectives. Obviously that depends on us, from technicians to pilots to understand and take in the right direction to improve the bike. If we work well, I am sure, in the future it will be possible to point to victories and title, our competitors are very strong, but I believe, not in the short term, but we can do it."

Dovizioso also warned that results may not come quickly, he said: “There is no magic wand, so we want to work with what we have and be down to earth, and work methodically. If there is the possibility of obtaining good results, I'm sure we will. The first year is sure to be special, but we should not be conditioned by achieving results immediately. "