Compulsory pitstops for Australian MotoGP race

Posted: 19 Oct 2013

The GP riders will have to take pitstops

MotoGP Race Direction has announced riders will be required to pit within a certain window of tomorrows 26 lap race.

Earlier in the day it was announced the Moto2 race would be shortened to just thirteen laps, almost half the original race distance.

This comes following advice from the tyre manufacturers that they are unable to guarantee the safety of the rear slick tyres after fourteen laps. Several options were considered for MotoGP, including shortening the race like in Moto2, having two shortened races with half points and a flag-to-flag race.

The latter option was the preferred, therefore between the 12th and 14th lap of tomorrows 26 lap race riders must enter the pits and switch to their second bike and exit on a fresh pair of tyres.

The full ruling can be read below:

It has been decided to make the following changes to the MotoGP class race in the interests of safety:

1. The race distance will be 26 laps (previously scheduled to be 27)

2. Every rider will be required to enter the pits and change to their second machine with fresh tyres at least once during the race.

3. No rider is permitted to make more than 14 laps on any one slick rear tyre. This means that a bike/tyre change before lap 12 would require a second bike/tyre change to finish the race

4. Riders using ‘Factory’ and ‘Satellite’ machines will be required to use the ‘hard’ option tyre (B51DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone

5. Riders using CRT machines will be required to use the CRT ‘hard’ option tyre (B50DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone

6. The pit lane speed limit zone will be extended both on entry and exit and the exit route to rejoin the track will be marked by a white line in the runoff area; crossing this line whilst rejoining the track from pit lane will result in a penalty

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