You ask, TT stars answer! Michael Rutter answers your questions

Posted: 05 Jun 2013

Michael Rutter, 2013 IOM TT

Although he’s a road and track racing veteran, with years of experience around the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course, it’s amazing to think Michael Rutter is still taken aback when he wins a race! His win in the SES TT Zero race earlier today was “completely unbelievable” according to the man himself and it wasn’t until he came over the line and saw the ‘number 1’ that he realised he had won his third consecutive victory in the one-lap race for electric bikes – something rival and John McGuiness a.k.a. King of the Mountain surely wasn't too happy about…

Still dripping with champagne from the podium and grinning from ear-to-ear after his race win, we caught up with Michael to ask him your questions…

Sue Bunch: What makes Ballagery Ballascary?!

It’s just unbelievable, its honestly very scary going 190mph into a bend and not being able to see the other side – it’s completely blind! That’s probably what makes it Ballascary – the fact you can’t see and of course the speed."

Tracey Leigh: Do you ever get cramps from the riding position/adrenalin rush when riding the course?

Yes you do. It is hard work as the position you’re in is quite cramped and you are like it for so long. You’ve got to try and move around on the bike a bit to try and get rid of it so you straighten your legs when you can to stretch them out.”

 Stuart Kimber: What’s the best bike you’ve ridden round the TT on?

Any bike that you win a race on! Obviously I loved riding the electric bike today and to take my third consecutive win was great.”

Ian Levin: Is it ‘wetter the better’ riding for you?

“No, definitely not! I like sunshine and riding in dry conditions.”

Alan Dobson: What’s your favourite and least favourite section of the TT course?

“I’d have to say my favourite parts are from the grandstand down to Bray Hill, on a Superbike you are flat out and its amazing part of the track. My least favourite part is probably Ginger Hall.”

And we wanted to know a little bit more about the electric bike that he won on earlier today…

Is it different to ride an electric bike in comparison to a usual sports bike?

It’s nice to ride, the throttle is progressive and also very smooth and it has engine braking just like a normal bike.”

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