BSB Round 6 - Oulton Park

Posted: 09 Jul 2012


The sixth round of the 2012 British Superbike Championship played out at Oulton Park in Cheshire this weekend, with a superb triple header of races. It was the riders’ second visit to the circuit this season.

After a two-week break since round five at Knockhill, Shane Byrne and Michael Laverty were keen to repeat the victories they claimed at the Scottish circuit. However, it was reigning BSB Champion Tommy Hill who clinched the opening win of the weekend.

Capitalising on his pole position, the Swan Yamaha rider scooped the holeshot, leading fellow frontrunners Laverty, Josh Brookes and Byrne. However, after coming under significant pressure from his rivals, Laverty crashed out at Brittens on the fourth lap. As a result, Hill was able to pull out a slight gap while the battle for second place raged on between Byrne and Brookes. It was Australian Brookes who finally took the advantage at the chequered flag.

Meanwhile, like Laverty, Alex Lowes also succumbed to the gravel at Brittens – propelling Noriyuki Haga up to fourth place. Keith Farmer and Ian Lowry also crashed out of the race while Jon Kirkham and Alastair Seeley were forced to retire to the pits and left out of contention for vital points.

  1. Tommy Hill
  2. Josh Brookes +4.508s
  3. Shane Byrne +10.339s
  4. Noriyuki Haga +15.746s
  5. James Westmoreland +16.256s
  6. Tommy Bridewell +16.803s
  7. Chris Walker +17.070s
  8. Peter Hickman +17.070s
  9. Graeme Gowland +17.389s
  10. Barry Burrell +30.100s


Following his superb victory in the first British Superbike Championship race, current champion Tommy Hill clinched another fantastic win at Oulton Park in race two today.

The Swan Yamaha rider once again took the holeshot, leading team-mate Noriyuki Haga and Australian Josh Brookes, and then later joined by Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne and Michael Laverty.  

At the chequered flag, Haga had dropped down to fifth position, leaving Hill, Brookes and Byrne to claim podium honours. 

  1. Tommy Hill
  2. Josh Brookes +3.383s
  3. Shane Byrne +6.141s
  4. Michael Laverty +6.262s
  5. Noriyuki Haga +6.552s
  6. Ian Lowry +11.761s
  7. Tommy Bridewell +12.442s
  8. Alastair Seeley +13.268s
  9. Alex Lowes +13.305s
  10. Graeme Gowland +15.015s


Tommy Hill has done it again! After clinching two superb victories, the Swan Yamaha rider celebrated a third win at the sixth round of the British Superbike Championship at Oulton Park today.

For a third consecutive time this weekend, the reigning champion took the holeshot, leading Michael Laverty and Josh Brookes. Although Brookes managed to move ahead of Hill for a brief period, it wasn’t long before he snatched back his lead at Old Hall – a position he maintained until the chequered flag.

Regardless, Brookes continued to push hard in an attempt to get back the lead, but the Tyco Suzuki rider almost high sided and subsequently dropped down to sixth position. However, after moving his way back up the field, the Australian finished the race in a respectable third place.

Meanwhile, Noriyuki Haga had slipped neatly into second position – until he began battling with Shane “Shakey” Byrne who was keen to taste victory after his win at round five, Knockhill. Haga later dropped down into fourth place – making way for Byrne who managed to clinch the second step of the podium.

  1. Tommy Hill
  2. Shane Byrne +1.135s
  3. Josh Brookes +1.483s
  4. Noriyuki Haga +1.619s
  5. Michael Laverty +3.298s
  6. Alex Lowes +7.093s
  7. Ian Lowry +9.965s
  8. Tommy Bridewell +10.298s
  9. James Westmoreland +10.864s
  10. Graeme Gowland +11.191s

BSB standings after Oulton Park

  1. Tommy Hill 234
  2. Josh Brookes 206
  3. Shane Byrne 205
  4. Michael Laverty 146
  5. Tommy Bridewell 104
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