Josh Waters talks Suzuki return

Posted: 23 Dec 2013

Josh Waters

Josh Waters is a two-time Australian Superbike Champion, for 2013 he made the jump to the British Superbike series in an attempt to achieve overseas success. The Aussie had a tough debut in the series with some heavy crashes early in the season on top of struggling to get to grips with the Milwaukee Yamaha and British circuits. Shaun Muir’s Milwaukee squad let him go with three rounds to go, leaving Waters to find another ride. He returned at Silverstone with Martin Halsall’s Kawasaki squad. A fourth place in the final round at Brands Hatch showed Waters’ potential and for 2014, Tyco Suzuki has welcomed him back to the Suzuki fold alongside John Hopkins. We caught up with Waters for a quick chat while he’s taking a short break back home in Australia.

You had a difficult year in 2013, talk us through it…

It was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. It was hard before we even started racing as it was my first time out of my home town and away from family and friends. I thought I was going to go better than it did before, butI had a couple of bigger crashes early on and struggled after this.

You showed your potential in the final round at Brands Hatch…

Yes for sure. I had a great crew for the final round at Brands in Halsall Racing; I started to ride like how I know I can and I really enjoyed it. It was a shame about going with the wrong tyre in the other race, but we had nothing to lose so it was worth a gamble!

You switched to Yamaha (and then Kawasaki) in 2013 after many years riding a Suzuki. Was this a bigger change than you expected?

I knew the bike was going to be different to ride, along with working with a new crew. The way I rode it trying to learn the tracks just didn't work. Trust me, I tried everything I knew to make it work, it just wasn’t happening.

What would you say is one thing that held you back most in 2013?

The couple of crashes I had early on, especially the high-side at Thruxton.

Josh Waters

How did the Suzuki deal come about for 2014?

It was a quick one, that’s for sure! With both of their riders going different ways they were looking around so I made contact as I liked the idea of getting back on a Suzuki. I remember the good times I had on that bike so I wanted to do it.

Do you think being back on a Suzuki will mean you’re in a better position to show your potential in 2014?

I really hope so, I had so many good times on a Suzuki – winning two Australian championships and there were seasons when I was hardly off the podium on that bike. I’ve so many good memories with Suzuki and I’m looking forward to re-joining the family!

You’ll be riding alongside John Hopkins in 201, he’s has had great success in BSB in the past. Do you think you can learn from him?

Yes I'm really looking forward to being team mates with him! I’m sure I can learn off John, he’s got a lot of experience and he’s successfully made the overseas switch to BSB before! I will be trying my hardest and hopefully we’ll have a good season.

Will you be doing any Endurance World Championship races in 2014?

I'm not sure yet, I think there is a chance I will. I really want to race Suzuka again.

Your new time has a rich history on the roads, is this something you’d ever consider like your compatriot Josh Brookes?

I love watching the roads, but I won't do them. Maybe I can help out and do the boards or something! 

What are your aims for 2014?

I’d really like to start off in the top ten and hopefully improve throughout the year. I want to ride like I know I can.

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