Vmoto shows production Stash and Dirt Bike

Vmoto shows production Stash and Dirt Bike_01


Vmoto Soco has exploded onto the electric bike scene over the last couple of years. It’s already the UK’s best-selling electric bike brand and for 2023 its appeal takes a huge step forward with the launch of the Vmoto Stash, its highest-performance model yet.

The Vmoto Stash was revealed as a prototype last year, not before being scooped by BikeSocial, and the 2023 production machine looks all but identical to 2021’s show version. As well as being more powerful than the current range-topping Super Soco TC Max, the Stash loses the ‘Super Soco’ branding, instead wearing ‘Vmoto’ branding to mark its position as the first model in a more premium range. It’s styled by Adrian Morton, the British designer who made his name developing the original MV Agusta F4 alongside Massimo Tamburini and went on to create the Benelli Tornado Tre and TNT before heading back to MV, where he was responsible for much of the Italian firm’s range.


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The Stash gets its name from the fact that the ‘tank’ area between the seat and bars is actually a sizable storage compartment, big enough to swallow a full-face helmet. Below that luggage space sits a 100Ah, 72V battery (that’s 7.2kWh) powering an electric motor mounted on the front of the swingarm, which drives the rear wheel by chain.

Nominally, that motor is good for 8kW (that’s 10.7bhp), making the Stash eligible for L-plate riders as it’s below the 11kW (15hp) limit on 125cc learner machines. However, like most electric bikes, the Stash has a peak power that’s higher than its nominal rating, maxing out at 15kW (20.1bhp). The extra power comes in the form of a ‘boost’ mode, which also increases top speed from 68.4mph (110km/h) to 74.6mph (120km/h) for brief periods to assist overtaking.

Other key specs include an all-in weight of 143kg and a range of 93.2 miles (150km) between changes, while the wheelbase is a short 1373mm and the seat height is 830mm.

While there are brake levers on both bars, like a scooter, with no foot controls, the brake system is actually combined – apply the front, and the rear comes on automatically as well. Both front and rear brakes are hydraulic, with discs at each end, the front held by a chunky-looking, radial-mount caliper, and there’s ABS as standard. Both wheels are 17 inches in diameter, with 110/70 rubber at the front and a 140/70 at the back.

Prices haven’t been announced yet, but with far more performance and a much larger battery than the current range-topping TC Max (£4499), the Stash is sure to be more expensive than that model.


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Vmoto’s second new machine for 2023 is the firm’s first off-roader, which is literally called the Dirt Bike and set to be sold in two versions – ‘On-R’ and ‘Off-R’. We probably don’t need to elaborate too much, but the ‘On-R’ is a supermoto-style machine with road tyres, and the ‘Off-R’ has knobblies.

Styled by Adrian Morton, like the Stash, the Dirt Bike will be sold either as a restricted, 50cc-equivalent machine – with a 28mph (45kmh) top speed – or as a learner-legal 125cc-equivalent model capable of 53mph (85km/h). The full-power version has a maximum power of 8kW (10.7bhp), and uses a 72V, 48Ah (3.456kWh) lithium battery that can be charged in three hours. At low speed, the bike is good for 150km (93.2 miles) of range. The lower-powered model gets a 32Ah, 72V (2.3kWh) battery and recharges in only two hours. Weight is claimed at just 84kg, but other details, including the price, have yet to be announced.


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