Yamaha MT-03 getting closer...

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 09 Jul 2015

Yamaha's MT25, which will soon become the MT-03 in Europe

Earlier this year we brought you the news that Yamaha would introduce a 321cc model to its increasingly popular MT range.

The bike pictured above is the Japanese firm’s all new MT-25, which we’re expecting will bear heavy resemblance to the MT-03 set to be unveiled in Europe later this year.  

Last month Yamaha launched the all-new MT-25 in Indonesia, based on the 250cc engine and chassis featured in the YZF-R25 that made its debut last year.

Soon after the R25 broke cover in Asia, the YZF-R3 was launched for the European market – an identical-looking bike with a 321cc powerplant bearing many similarities to the 250cc R25 motor.  

“Yamaha have launched an MT-25 in the Indonesian market based around the same engine and chassis platform as the YZF-R25 that is available in many Asian countries including Turkey,” said a Yamaha source speaking to Bike Social.

Yamaha's MT25 in black

“The YZF-R3 uses an uprated version of the R25 engine so it would be logical to presume that there might also be an MT derivative too for Europe using the same acclaimed 321cc version of this new twin cylinder powerplant.” 

The MT-03 will be one of at least two new additions to Yamaha’s best-selling MT family this year, with a touring edition of the MT-07 (MT-07 Tracer) also expected to be unveiled this autumn. 

The introduction of an MT-03 will see the MT range boast four different engine platforms, with the 321cc parallel twin joining the MT125, the 689cc MT-07 and 850cc MT-09. 

The range has proved incredibly successful for Yamaha, with the MT-09, MT-07 and MT-09 Tracer all topped sales charts in the last 24 months. 

We’d expect the MT-03, which will be A2 licence compliant, to cost around £4,500 when it goes on sale early next year. 

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