1mph over the limit? You're nicked! - Police to clamp down on speeding

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 04 Aug 2015

1mph over, you're nicked!

A crackdown on speeding across the United Kingdom could see riders penalised for travelling even 1mph over the speed limit. 

Police in Scotland have opted to scrap any discretionary allowances in favour of a system which will see motorists punished for speeding by even a few miles an hour with other forces set to follow suit.

While discretion when it comes to speeding varies from force to force, general guidelines suggest that police allow motorists a ‘margin of error’ set at 10% of the speed limit +2mph.

That could now be set to change under new rules with police issuing warnings or fines to anyone travelling even 1mph over the limit.

Police chiefs claim there is no longer a need for a margin of error due to technological advances improving the accuracy of speed-measuring devices.

They also highlight that the increased use of average speed cameras, which offer a more precise reading, reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

You might want to slow down a bit, Mister!

Instead of letting motorists off when only over the limit by a few miles an hour, Scottish Police will now issue an official warning for a first offence. If that rider is caught speeding again, even at 1mph over the limit, they will be slapped with a £100 fine and three penalty points.

Police are hoping the move will cut the rising number of deaths and serious injuries from road traffic accidents.

Should the scheme prove successful, forces across England and Wales are also expected to roll it out.


The AA has spoken out against the plans, highlighting fears that it could lead to motorists spending more time looking at the speedometer than the road ahead.

“We need motorists to concentrate on what is on the road in front of them, not always looking at the speedo,” said the AA’s president, Edmund King.

“If a someone strays over the limit by 2mph, they shouldn’t, but it’s better that they do that and stay focused on what is going on around them.”

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