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Front End Chatter - episode 70

BikeSocial Road Tester. As one half of Front End Chatter, Britain’s longest-running biking podcast, Simon H admits in same way some people have a face for radio, he has a voice for writing.



Front End Chatter podcast

Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 70, the world’s most eclectic motorcycling podcast, supported by, the UK’s most informed and entertaining website, and Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists.

My name is Simon and that man over there is Martin, and today we’re nattering about:

  • the masochism of riding in winter, and whether a hot bath at the end of it is worth the suffering

  • the masochism of riding a Kawasaki H2 and a Royal Enfield Himalayan in winter

  • ...or the historical perspective of riding three generations of GSX-R750 on an old runway in Cornwall

  • details of a Brembo brake recall in the USA; what it is, what bikes are affected, and whether there’ll be a recall in the UK

  • how, despite the Kawasaki H2 SX and Yamaha Niken and BMW F850GS, the Kawasaki Z900RS might just be the best bike of 2018

  • an enlightened approach to selling a used bike, and how faith should overcome fear...

  • ...or just ask your local dealer to sell it for you

  • why Honda’s Crossrunner is always overlooked when discussing used all-rounders

  • the crazy new bike deals about last year, such as Honda’s Africa Twin DCT PCP deal of no deposit, 0% finance at £70 per month for three years – and the implications for the values of used Africa Twins

  • how cold is too cold to go for a ride?

  • and introducing the Hall Of FEC – what bikes are in, what bikes are out (starting with 2009 – which turns out to be a particularly bad year for new bikes)

Thanks for listening, please email your nominations for FEC’s Hall Of FEC, or indeed any other thoughts, questions, requests to:

You can also find us on the Twitter - @SimonHbikes and @Mufga

Thanks for listening!

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