Motorbike World Records


Dating back since 1903 we've found the top 8 motorbike world records...

The first person to ride around the world on a motorcycle was Carl Stearns Clancy, an American who set out from Dublin in 1912 on a Henderson. After riding down through Europe and across North Africa, he took a boat to Singapore and toured the Far East, then sailed from Japan to San Francisco and rode across the USA to New York. Ironically, he found the roads in Oregon the worst of the trip.

The world’s first recognised motorcycle speed record was set in 1903 by US aviation pioneer Glenn Curtis, who rode his Hercules V-twin at 64 mph over a measured mile at Yonkers. In 1907, he became known as The Fastest Man on Earth when he increased that to 136.3 mph.

The current world record for a conventional motorcycle is 311.945 mph by Bill Warner of Florida on his turbocharged 1299cc Suzuki, although faster speeds have been obtained from 'streamliner' motorcycles, where the rider is enclosed.

The world’s fastest wheelie was 191.3 mph by Patrick Furstenhoff of Sweden on a turbocharged 1100cc Honda Super Blackbird.

The world’s longest motorcycle jump was 346ft by Australian Robbie Maddison in his home city of Melbourne, using a modified Honda CR500.

Former US senator Dave Zien put a world record million miles on his Harley-Davidson FXR between 1991 and 2009.

The most expensive motorcycle in the world is the Dodge Tomahawk, powered by the 500hp engine from the Dodge Viper. Production was limited to just 10 models selling at $550,000 each. Dodge claims the bike can do 419 mph, but it isn’t street legal.