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Posted: 01 Nov 2012

The middleweight division is a hotbed of different styled models, all trying to entice potential buyers. But if you’re in the market for a motorcycle that combines the low rpm drive of a V-twin with the upper rev range of a four-cylinder machine then the parallel twin-cylinder engine of the Kawasaki Er-6f could be the bike for you? It sounds complicated, but that’s exactly how the ER-6f engine feels to use.

Not that there’s any reason to complain about this. The engine is a sweet little unit that can deal with city riding in the morning and fast A-roads in the afternoon. It loves to be revved to get the best from it, but the rev ceiling isn’t stratospheric in the same way as a full blown supersport middleweight; which is just as well. Although Kawasaki has tried and tried again to reduce the vibrations that appear at high rpm they still appear, not annoyingly so, but they are noticeable.

Think of the ER-6f as a halfway house between competent commuting tool and supersport bike and you have the Er-6f nailed – in the engine department that is.

Quite where the looks are coming from is difficult to pin down. In traditional green Kawasaki colour scheme the Er-6f looks like just another ‘Green Meanie’ from the Kawasaki ZX stable. But look closer and you’ll see it carries a style of its own as if Kawasaki was trying to invent another segment

It isn’t ugly but it is different and happens to quite appeal to its many owners; it’s popularity can be likened to Suzuki’s old SV650 range. It’s a bike that is very capable of being more than one thing to more than one person.

Weekend blasts across country? The Er-6f does this easily and puts a smile on your face at the same time with its willing engine and easy going chassis. Bends come and go as easy as that without leaving a bad taste in your mouth or a helmet lining soaked in sweat.

The ER-6f works as a decent, honest motorcycle. It delivers fun on one hand and is a serious work tool on the other. It is one of motorcycling’s great unsung heroes in helping owners step up to bigger, but not necessarily better things

+ points – engine performance and character
- points – needs extra owner maintenance, tyres suited to motorway miles

Price: £5999 (ABS £6399)
Power: 71.1bhp, 47.2ft lbs
Kerb weight: 209kg (non-ABS)
Seat height: 805mm
Colours: White, green

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