CFMoto 800NK designs emerge

2023 CFMoto 800NK Designs KTM Engine News_01


In September CFMoto revealed the NK-C22 concept – wrapping the KTM LC8c engine that’s already used in the 800MT in stylish naked streetfighter styling. Now we get our first glimpse of the production version courtesy of the company’s own design registrations.

Just as last year’s SR-C21 concept, a carbon-clad sports bike, turned into the new 450SR production model, the NK-C22 is heading for showrooms in the near future and it’s not going to change radically before it gets there.


2023 CFMoto 800NK Designs KTM Engine News_03


The new design drawings, part of an intellectual property registration to prevent rivals from copying the bike’s looks, show how the production 800NK will differ from the NK-C22 concept.

The most notable revision is the swingarm, a conventional dual-sided design instead of the concept’s single-sider. That’s an understandable sacrifice, as while single-sided arms are stylish they’re also heavier, often less rigid, and more expensive to make than the more traditional layout. The production bike will actually benefit in terms of its handling and affordability by switching designs.

The 800NK also gets a different exhaust – replacing the concept version’s stacked, high-level SC Project end cans with a single silencer using dual outlets. It remains high-mounted, though, tucked in close to the tail to avoid the pillion footrest (another addition that was missing from the concept version).


2023 CFMoto 800NK Designs KTM Engine News_06


The bike’s engine is the KTM LC8c parallel twin, expected to be in the same 799cc form that appears in the CFMoto 800MT. This is no Chinese knock-off – CFMoto actually manufacturers these engines for KTM, and builds complete KTM bikes for some markets, so its deal to use the motor is completely above board.

While KTM has largely switched to the bigger ‘890’ version of the engine, actually 889cc, CFMoto’s version is the older 799cc unit that KTM used to use the ‘790’ name on. In the 800MT, it makes 95hp and 77Nm of torque, and those numbers are likely to remain similar in the 800NK.

One number that will change is the weight. The roadster will be substantially lighter than the 231kg 800MT, potentially dipping under 200kg wet. That means it’s likely to be the sportiest CFMoto production bike yet.


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The power and performance, allied to the likely low price tag that CFMoto will attach to the 800NK, mean it could be a surprise rival to the new Honda Hornet 750. That bike combines a 755cc, 90hp twin with a £6999 price. If the CFMoto can hit a similar price point and combine it with the firm’s persuasive 4-year warranty, it will be a tempting alternative to the Hornet.

We can see from the design images that the 800NK’s suspension and brakes are pretty similar to those used on the Hornet, with USD forks and radial-mount, four-pot calipers, and like the Honda it has a TFT instrument panel. While the SR-C21 concept bike was diluted substantially to become a production model, losing its race-spec suspension and brakes, the NK-C22’s forks and J.Juan calipers appear to be getting carried over directly to the showroom version seen in these design pictures.

When will the 800NK break cover? The EICMA show in November is a likely launch pad.