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Ducati Monster SP coming for 2023

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Ducati Monster SP coming for 2023_01

Ducati Monster + (above) is currently the top Monster. The Monster SP will be more exotic but no more powerful.


Ducati is adding an ‘SP’ version of the Monster to its range in 2023 – and the bike’s launch will be one of the seven ‘world premieres’ that the company is promising to spread over the next three months.

The Monster SP’s existence has emerged via Australian type-approval filings, made last week, that add the name ‘Monster SP’ to the existing Monster and Monster + in the range. Because the SP’s approval has been tagged onto the existing model’s paperwork, we can be pretty certain that it won’t be getting major changes in terms of performance or emissions, but no doubt the desirable SP designation will be accompanied by improvements in technology and suspension.


Ducati Monster SP coming for 2023_02

New approval lists the Monster SP alongside the stock Monster and Monster +


Looking through Ducati’s cryptic schedule of planned model releases during September, October and November, the launch planned for September 15 – simply called ‘Episode 2: Ready for More?’ – looks most likely to be the Monster SP’s unveiling. Others are ‘Episode 1: The Unexpected’ on 2nd September, ‘Episode 3: Unlock Earth’ (surely a new Multistrada variant), ‘Episode 4: This is Racing’ (expected to be an updated Panigale V4 R), ‘Episode 5: Push Forward’, ‘Episode 6: Dare to be Bold’ and ‘Episode 7: Next Gen Freedom’ (probably the revamped Scrambler range that was previewed at World Ducati Week this year). We’re expecting one of those launches to relate to Ducati’s electric bike project and another to be the company’s 2023 range of power-assisted bicycles.

Since there’s no indication that the emissions or performance will be changed for the Monster SP, it appears to be using the same 111hp, 937cc V-twin as the existing Monster and Monster +.

We can see the same pattern in Ducati’s Hypermotard range, where the Hypermotard 950 SP (also using the 937cc twin), gains Öhlins 48mm USD forks and an Öhlins monoshock in place of the Marzocchi/Sachs combo of the standard bike, plus lighter wheels. The ‘SP’ name is also used on the Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V4, again offering improved suspension and higher-spec components rather than additional power on each. Both the Streetfighter V4 SP and Panigale V4 SP also get a black and silver paint scheme that could be carried over to the Monster SP.


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