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Members-only Ducati Scrambler limited-edition

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Ducati’s limited-edition Scrambler Ducati Club Italia: you can’t have one.
Ducati’s limited-edition Scrambler Ducati Club Italia: you can’t have one.
Ducati’s limited-edition Scrambler Ducati Club Italia: you can’t have one.


Ducati is no stranger to exotic, limited-edition bikes but the latest machine from the firm is particularly odd because you almost certainly won’t be allowed to buy one.

Unless, that is, you’re a member of the Scuderia Club Italia, an ultra-exclusive association of Italian vintage car racing enthusiasts. Membership of the club is limited to just 80 people, and only club members are allowed to buy the ‘Scrambler Ducati Club Italia’ that you see here.



The bike itself is based on the latest Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO, launched at the start of this year, with special paintwork and a selection of bolt-on goodies. Finished in deep blue, including the frame and tank, with red highlights including a red leather seat by Poltrona Frau, it also gets Termignoni silencers and aluminium fenders. Billet alloy is used for the pegs, levers, master cylinder caps, frame plugs and indicator bodies, and a mesh headlight cover adds a retro feel. On the practical side, the bikes also get heated grips as standard.

Each example will also come with a certificate of authenticity and a matching Bell helmet. Ducati says it’s already taken orders for the first examples, having shown Scuderia Club Italia members the bike over the weekend, and expects to deliver the first ones in September.

For each sale, the firm will also donate €500 to the S Orsola Hospital in Bologna to help its fight against COVID-19.

“When you get the chance to work alongside people who share your passion for beautifully-made things, for engines and for Italy, enormous satisfaction with the resulting work and the final outcome is virtually guaranteed,” said Andrea Ferraresi, head of the Ducati Design Center.

“The Scrambler Ducati Club Italia demonstrates this wonderfully. It represents a perfect balance of sportiness, style and attention to detail. Together with the members of the Scuderia Club Italia we chose just the right tone of blue, the material for the saddle, the logo and the special equipment package. Nothing was left to chance. Every alteration was meticulously assessed and shared. The icing on the cake was being able to present this inimitable bike to Club members in person, together with Giulio Malagoli, Ducati Product Marketing Director.”


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