Norton Dominator SS to appear in new James Bond film?

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 19 May 2015

Is Norton's Dominator a new Bond bike?

Is Norton’s latest model set to appear in the new James Bond film? That’s certainly what this image posted to the 007 Instagram page suggests... 

Sneak peek #SPECTRE

A photo posted by James Bond 007 (@007) on May 1, 2015 at 10:01am PDT

The snap was posted on the official James Bond channel earlier this month and appears to show Norton’s Dominator SS, complete with added machine guns, behind a 007 clapperboard dated 1st May 2015.

Bond films are known for featuring lavish, high-powered British vehicles. 007 himself traditionally drives an Aston Martin, so Norton’s luxury £24,000 Dominator SS cafe racer would fit right in.

Motorcycles in Bond films is nothing new, the spy series first featured a BSA Lightning in ‘Thunderball’. Other examples include Kawasaki’s Z900 in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and the iconic Yamaha XT500 in ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and Honda’s CFR250R appeared in the last film ‘Skyfall’.  

‘Spectre’, the 24th Bond film, is set for release on November 6th this year.

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