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Posted: 17 Jul 2012

Friday the 13th� scary for some, however, we wanted to make this Friday 13th special for someone:  

�It's ?#FridayGiveaway time! To win a pair of weekend tickets to next weekend's BSB @Brands_Hatch, just follow @bennetts_bike & RT before 3pm�

There were hundreds of entries however the lucky winner was:

�We can now announce that the winner of the two weekend tickets for @Brands_Hatch (20-22 July) is..... @Tiddy1969! Please DM us your address�

Someone who wasn�t as lucky was the driver of the Tech 3 truck:

�Tech 3 truck damaged AGAIN - considering the fatal incident from last year, they should reconsider their drivers.. 

So, back to racing, what a week! It went so fast� the MotoGP riders just had time to hang up their leathers then it was time to get them on again. This time round, Mugello played host to the speed machines and all riders were out and on it�

@calcrutchlow in a steady 5th place in FP1, while @reddingpower is 7th in Moto2.. ?#Mugello

It was great news for BSB Championship leader, Tommy Hill:

�Congrats guys! RT @bikesportnews: Congrats to @tommyhill33 and partner Katie who have just announced they are pregnant, so to speak...�

With silly season starting earlier this year than most, we had our eyes peeled for whom was talking to whom�

�We caught Honda's Livio Suppo talking to Ducati.. He prev said that "Rossi could maybe end his career with Honda" 

Now, we are here for the good of motorcyclists � so we simply had to ensure you saw this:

�Here's an @calcrutchlow race weekend debrief for the girls ;-)

And it seems you were all VERY happy with it!

Rach Richies on Facebook told us that it was going to be her new screensaver, @Carlir6 and @Jodiewaring simply thanked us and @MattDunn46 pondered:

@bennetts_bike @calcrutchlow And he says he does no weight training. ?#Yeahright

@hayleyizzy dubbed our tweet the �Best tweet ever!�

And we couldn�t leave out the boys could we:

�After last night's pic for the girls...we thought it was time to even things up so here's one for the boys ;-)

But we were soon back to the serious nature of racing and the latest motorcycle news�

�We're hearing that the Moto2 chassis changes are continuing with Toni Elias asking to switch to an FTR�

Our news caused a little bit of a stir:

�Paddock insiders say Spies may keep his job due to Yamaha impossible decision. If 1 Tech3 rider is upgraded the other is likely to leave...�

@bradaz1986 made the point:

@bennetts_bike if neither get the ride 1 still has to leave to make room for Bradley Smith�

@MissBethAndrews agreed:

�True @bradaz1986 but they have to leave Tech3 not Yamaha which is why Yamaha faces an impossible decision�

Once again conversation turned how @bennetts_bike knew all the goss:


@bennetts_bike @mcadam7 @missbethandrews @bradaz1986 I'd love to get to know your insiders! Interesting people I'm sure ;)�

@MissBethAndrews summed it up quite well:

@Closer2TheHedge i don't think anyone knows where anyone is going haha bloody silly season. Want DUC to hurry up�

Which is true, but its still great fun to speculate and listen to the gossip from our insiders!

Delays could be down to this man:

�Rossi looks relaxed at Mugello as insiders say he is holding up all Ducati decisions on riders for 2013 ?#MotoGP

We all know that a certain American rider is �slightly� unhappy with his bike this year, hence why we got very excited when this was spotted:

�Looks like @texastornado5 is talking to Gresini about a potential ride next year... Check out the pic:

@Big_GPro thought this would be a great idea and told us his dream team:

@bennetts_bike @texastornado5 awesome get @texastornado5 and@Nickyhayden69 signed up that would be a great team.�

@AoB32 said:

@bennetts_bike would be great to see him on a Gresini Bike!�

@AdrianPowrie agreed

@bennetts_bike @texastornado5 , Please God let it be!!! We need to see Cal back on something be-fitting the skills that he has!�

@ValentinoMossy thought it was Colin giving advice:

@bennetts_bike @texastornado5 I'd sooner say he is just testing the FTR Honda CRT bike...

In between watching the racing and getting out on the motorbike we had a busy weekend planned:

�The sun's shining at Manor Cafe! Get the bike out and come and see us if you live nearby ?#Bennetts:Live

And we were honoured to look after this for the day:

�Look what just turned up at Manor Cafe. Local rider Malcolm owns this stunning Limited Edition MV Augusta F3 Serie

We heard the Steve Parrish had a few issues with the hire car he had:

�We hear BBC commentator Steve Parrish has some work to do retrieving his hire car from the ditch he spun off into on his way to the circuit�


After an eventful weekend with silly season getting even �sillier� our minds were whirring with the possibilities of who is going where and which team is having who! Interesting stuff�

The MotoGP boys can have a rest next weekend as it is the turn of BSB at Brands Hatch and the World Superbikes are heading to Brno. Should be an interesting weekend, especially after BMW Motorrad have announced that they will be running just one factory team next year, consolidating the current structure, so no doubt all the riders will be looking to make an impression.. 

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