WSBK, Aragon & MotoGP, Assen

Posted: 02 Jul 2012

While the rain was falling over in the UK, the weather in Aragon just got hotter and hotter for the WSBK riders, so we gave our own little bit of health advice:

“It's going to be a hot one in Aragon! #WSBK hope everyone packed their sunscreen!!”

However the weather wasn’t on the MotoGP riders’ side over in Assen, @tiziana suggested a way to stop drought in Africa:

“MotoGP should race in Africa… they will certainly bring rain there too!”

From next year onwards, WSBK machines are required to have headlight-shaped stickers in the position of their real-world counterparts, however Kawasaki must have got the memo early as:

“Kawasaki's factory SBK machines had headlight stickers on in the first session at Aragon. A year early...#WSBK


We tweeted an adorable picture of the super-cute Alessandra Stoner:

“How cool would it be to be Alessandra Stoner? Which rider would you pick to be in your family? #FridayFun

This certainly caused some discussion! Colin Edwards seemed like a popular choice with both @tashafrench1969, @MsCatRedbreast and @fransiskadeyani choosing him as their dad:

@tashafrench1969: Colin Edwards because he seems like a cool bloke and has a great sense of humour

@fransiskadeyani: Wanna be Uncle Edward’s daughter

@MsCatRedbreast: um.. @texastornado5 as my dad would be cool! Not that he’s old enough or anything..

@jjuangco chose:

“The Doctor of course!”

@carlir6 chose World Champion Neil Hodgson and racing legend Ron Haslam to be part of her ‘family’:

“I’d pick @neilHodgson100 to be my brother and Ron Haslam to be my dad”

Neil himself complimented Carli on her choice:

@neilhodgson100: great choice Carli

Chaz Davies was feeling superstitious over in Aragon:

“Chaz Davies' team have covered the number 13 of his pits box with black tape. Superstitious much?! #WSBK

Although it worked as he got his first podium of the season in race two…

Talking of Brit Boys, there were great results all round for the Brits as Danny Kent got his first podium:

“Massive well done to @DannyKent52 - what a fantastic race! #britpower


“Great result for our very own @Reddingpower :-) #Britpower today!!! :-)”

@tkcada found the racing very interesting:

“Moto2 and Moto3 were great”

We shared a heart-warming picture of Scott hugging his mechanics after finishing the race on the podium:

“What a great feeling for @reddingpower :-) well done mate. This picture says it all!

@vickster1984 speculated his next finishing position:

“So that’s a second and third in consecutive races only one step of the podium left to visit… next week?”

We shall wait and see! Our fingers and toes are crossed!

In the UK however, the Goodwood Festival of Speed was in full flow with some famous faces showing up so we tweeted you their pictures:

“Not sure whether we're more excited about seeing Damon Hill, or that Tommy Hill is in the background! #FOS

“Jenson Button is there too! #FOS

We asked one of our brilliant followers who they were putting their money on:

@weeyin13 It should be a very interesting race! Who are you putting your money on today?”

Lady in the know, @weeyin13, said:

“I'd luv to see Eugene have a great result here… the heat is gonna make it interesting... its gonna b bout who is Mr Smooth”

Great prediction as he fought for1st place and got his first podium of the season in race two!

Sofuoglu had a little less luck in Aragon and dropped 3 positions meaning he finished 4th instead of 1st:

“Sofuoglu will drop 3 positions for his behaviour towards Foret #WorldSupersport

@Plumski66 gave their opinion on his actions:

@bennetts_bike hmm very naughty me thinks....should have received a disqualification, be interesting to hear his side of story?”


@Chocolatewig thought he was let off slightly easy:

@bennetts_bike a light punishment for what looked like a very dangerous bit of road rage! And I don't dislike the man. #WorldSupersport

Fabrizio was getting in the mood for racing by listening to music:

“BMW Italia rider Fabrizio is listening to music before heading out.. made us wonder, what would you listen to before going out to race? #WSBK

We got a lot of great recommendations:

@LeeWaters1 said:

@bennetts_bike it would have to be clubfoot by kasabian to get me revved up.”

@Matt1990speedy said:

@bennetts_bike I would personally listen to Kid Rock - All Summer Long, and Rascall Flatts - Life Is A Highway #WSBK

Motor’s TV presenter, part time DJ and biker Luke Wilkins (@Motorcycleluke) said:

@bennetts_bike Would have to be something very chuggy, like Hell Yeah - Cowboy Way, or Iron Maiden, run to the hills or Lamb of God Redneck!

So  that’s another race weekend done and dusted, we’ll see you next weekend when Oulton Park plays host to BSB and the MotoGP heads to Sachsenring where we’ll be taking @Matt1990speedy’s advice and Singing 'Sweet Home Alabama' all summer long…