BSB, Knockhill

Posted: 26 Jun 2012

Our fingers and toes were crossed for dry weather this year for the BSB at Knockhill and admittedly it wasn’t as bad as it had been in previous years. The weather certainly wasn’t stopping @Mrs_Fantoosh:

@bennetts_bike it's our local track so rude not too despite the weather”

There was good luck for British Supersport rider, Dan Cooper:

“After a two-round absence from British Supersport, Dan Cooper has just secured a ride for this weekend at Knockhill with Gearlink Kawasaki”

However luck wasn’t on Chris Walker’s side:

“With two suspected broken heels, sustained during morning practice at #BSB Knockhill, will Chris Walker be a non-starter this weekend?”

Steven Mason (@MightMason84) said:

@bennetts_bike I hope not be sad not to see him on the grid”

We agreed, but all we could do was wait to see what happened!

@Nude_Lewd_Man spent his weekend speculating and trying to work out who we were and where we were…

@bennetts_bike ...but that reminds me... Was wondering whether you're one person globetrotting, or a group that use the same account... :o?”

We replied:

@Nude_Lewd_Man haha! Wondering how we seem to be everywhere then... ;)”

He did more detective work:

@bennetts_bike That and the fact that I'm sure I've seen tweets listed as being from multiple apps/sources.... Android, iPhone, web.... ;op”

Which we were very impressed with!

@Nude_Lewd_Man wow, observant! But, we couldn't possibly give away our secrets... Have a good day ;)”

Saturday started off with bad luck for BMW rider Dan Linfoot:

“Dan Linfoot unable to race after breaking bones in his hand during practice at Knockhill. Peter Hickman is taking his seat this wknd #BSB

However for Chris Walker, luck was on his side: 

“Following news of Chris Walker's injuries yesterday, apparently Knockhill medics have passed him 'fit to ride' for this weekend's race #BSB

@Closer2TheHedge told us how Chris was planning to get on and off the bike:

@bennetts_bike yeah, also hear the team is going to fireman’s lift him onto his bike as he was in wheelchair this morning lol #respect

 ‏@DaveNeal wondered whether Chris Walker should know better:

@bennetts_bike Isn’t @CWStalker9 old enough to know better?! lol Nice to see age hasn't dampened his youthful exuberance!”

@Closer2TheHedge questioned whether age even mattered:

@bennetts_bike @DaveNeal @CWStalker9 no age don’t matter am just as stupid now as 17 lol

Chris also got support on the Bennetts Facebook page:

Joe Lim you are my Hero : )

Rob Ryan Chris, you are one tough geezer! Good luck mate, be safe

Mark Devlin Still the most exciting rider ever, legend

Mal Sanders That’s why Chris has so many fans he never gives up ... Have a safe race Chris.

We also updated everyone on Stuart Easton’s progress:

After an operation to remove metalwork from his hip, Stuart Easton is back on the IoM in a Hyperbaric Chamber, ahead of #BSB at Oulton Park

We shared a picture of the car park at Knockhill which got some of you talking on Facebook:

Andy Edgar wouldn’t be Knockhill without a shower or 5 and muddy conditions... although too much and races get canned can be a real downer on the day...

Yvonne Wallace you think that’s bad, take a look at Isle of Wight festival that’s bad.

On Sunday we broke the news that after 6 months we reached just over 84,000 signatures for the Biker Petition:

“Good morning everyone! Thanks to everyone who supported #BikerPetition - 84,364 signatures in total were collected for the campaign!”

It was a great day for Bennetts-backed Kyle Ryde too, achieving first place on Sunday in the 125s:

“Well done @kyleryde

That’s it for another fun-filled weekend, we’re packing our bags for Assen for the MotoGP and Aragon for the World Superbike Championship next to ensure that you guys are kept in the loop!