Front End Chatter - episode 98

Simon Hargreaves
By Simon Hargreaves
SimonHbikes Simon rides motorbikes, and then writes about them. He also co-presents the Front End Chatter podcast and plays bass guitar rather well.
Front End Chatter podcast


Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 98, the One Less Than Jorge episode, verbalised and spuffed into noughts and ones with the roadside assistance of and their insuring overlords Bennetts, the bike insurance guys and gals.

And it’s a short and sweet episode this week, as we clear the FECsack in preparation for FEC100 (live at Cadwell Park near Louth, Lincs, on Tuesday Aug 13th), including:

  • Mufga gets tugged by the Fuzz
  • Why milking snail mucin for facials is a real thing
  • WSB from the corkscrewy Laguna Se-ca, and the revelation pit lanes the world over are, entirely not in fact, named after Brad Pitt
  • BSB from Snettingham Parks and the revelation Scotch Reading-not-from-Reading can’t half pedal a bike round a circuit he’s not seen before, but when is a jump start not a jump start
  • would you beat Marquez on a road bike, first time out, down your favourite road?
  • would WSB be livened-up by forcing winning riders to change teams?
  • when is an oil flag not an oil flag?
  • airbags – are they pointless out in the random environment on the road, away from predictable race track crashes? Or are they genuinely useful in certain road crashes?
  • why is MotoGP’s video pass 30% more expensive in the UK than, say, France?
  • should corporate greed be regulated?
  • what’s a good, all-weather, non-dissolving London commuter bike for £3k?
  • more from happy, hassle-free Triumph owners (but not Mufga)
  • ...and a bit more.

Thanks for listening!

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