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Front End Chatter - episode 192

BikeSocial Road Tester. As one half of Front End Chatter, Britain’s longest-running biking podcast, Simon H admits in same way some people have a face for radio, he has a voice for writing.



Hello one and all, and welcome to a freshly squeezed episode of Front End Chatter, Britain's most absent motorcycling podcast featuring him, Simon Hargreaves, and him, Martin Fitz-Gibbons. 
We are, as always, indebted to and inebriated by Bennetts, Britain's best bike insurers, and, the place to get all your news and views on motorcycling. 
And on this return to some kind of form, we have:
• what we've been up to (most of the episode, to be fair) including: the FECspagna tour of France and Spain on Suzuki's GSX-S1000 GX+ and BMW S1000 XR TE, Suzuki live, the ABR Festival, and a chat about the sudden appearance of auto gearboxes (including what, exactly, the definition of 'auto' is). 
Thank you for persevering and more episodes will be along shortly. 
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